2016 Special Opportunity Grants

2016 Special Opportunity Grants

Water You Fighting For

Amount: $500

Project Title: Water You Fighting For helping Flint

Project Description: Water You Fighting For will use the funds to help with expenses related to ensuring the residents in the Flint area have access to basic necessities related to water. Funds will allow Water You Fighting for in these efforts to rent a truck to distribute a shipment of 35,000 camp showers.


American Friends of Canadian Land Trusts

Amount: $2272.70

Project Title:

Project Description: American Friends will use the payment received under this contract to: ? Promote and enable education and implementation of land conservation practices that increase understanding of the necessity of preserving, protecting, restoring and remediating the aquatic environment of the Great Lakes basin. ? Improve the effectiveness of Canadian registered charities by providing expertise on land conservation practices that impact water resources. ? Educate and mentor Canadian registered charities engaged in conservation of land and water in the Great Lakes basin. ? Increase the capacity of charities to communicate effectively with landowners about mechanisms for protecting their ecologically significant properties thereby avoiding development that would harm aquatic ecosystems ? Identify specific properties that are a priority for conservation ? Build a network of tax and legal experts who will help advance conservation action ? Communicate directly with owners of priority conservation properties ? Develop and improve conservation methods and tools


Storehouse of Hope emergency Food Pantry

Amount: $400

Project Title: Solar Neighbors: Taking Charge of Your Power ? Improving energy and water quality

Project Description: Funds under this grant are for expenses assocaited sith the event “Solar Neighbors: Taking Charge of Your Power” with the goal of highliting and encourgaing grasroots work to improve energy and water quality over thepast six years through simple solutions to community needs.


Save the Wild UP

Amount: $1500

Project Title: Save the Wild UP Mining Permit Review

Project Description: Save the Wild U.P. will work to help complete a technical review of a sulfide min permit that is 37,000 pages long and the review shall be make available to Freshwater Future any any other interested environmental or conservation groups.


National Wildlife Federation

Amount: $5000

Project Title: Flint Fly-in

Project Description: Funds under this grants are designated for costs associated with the Flint Fly-in event.


Blacks in Green

Amount: $500

Project Title: Placemaking in Historic West Woodlawn

Project Description: Blacks in Green with sponsor a kickoff event “Placemaking in Historic West Woodlawn” hihlighting the gardens in the area for their heritage and legacy, as well as future forward thinking on green infrasturcte, cirtical to sustainablity.



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