2016 Climate Grants

2016 Climate Grants

Garden Homes Neighborhood Association

Amount: $1000

Project Title: Garden Home Residents Listening Sessions and Meeting

Project Description: Garden Homes Neighborhood Association, Inc. will conduct listening session with residents in the Garden Homes neighborhood to document opinions regarding assets, weaknesses, needs, and concerns. Garden Homes Neighborhood Association will also assist with local logistics to plan a meeting to engage residents in planning based on the results of the interviews.


Neighbors Building Brightmoor

Amount: $1000

Project Title: Help Yourself Community Garden Water Supply

Project Description: Neighbors Building Brightmoor will construct a rainwater catchment system and drip irrigation to extend the Help Yourself Community Garden that is open to anyone to grow, harvest, snack and learn. The water harvesting system will be used to irrigate the garden and show our neighbors how they can do the same while reducing stormwater runoff.


Detroit Eastside Community Collaborative

Amount: $1000

Project Title: The Gratiot Triangle Bus Stop Project: A Greenway Friendly Bus Stop

Project Description: This project will redevelop the bus stop by using green infrastructure elements to mitigate storm water runoff and to keep the area dry and comfortable for passengers.


Northend Christian CDC

Amount: $1600

Project Title: Rain Water Catchment Systems

Project Description: Northend Christian CDC will build two different types of rain water catchment systems to demonstrate to the community how efficient and easy it is to catch and harvest rain water.


Stahelin Street Tigers Block Club

Amount: $1600

Project Title: Stahelin Street Sustainability Project

Project Description: Stahelin Street Tigers Block Club will host a workshop for the neighborhood to promote sustainability for residents. The workshop will highlight ways to address stormwater and lower water bills through the use of rain barrels and rain gardens, and water conservation. With a fun, inviting atmosphere the workshop will include learning sessions, give aways (rain barrels, native plants,), promote rain garden programs offered by partner groups, and sign-ups for help disconnecting downspouts. This workshop builds on our previous work to install rain barrels and rain gardens and disconnected downspouts to reduce the impacts of stormwater runoff and help increase affordability of water for residents in the neighborhood.

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