2015 Spring Project Grants

2015 Spring Project Grants


Lakeshore Natural Resource Partnership, Inc.

Amount: $1500

Project Title: Restore the Shore: Restoration of Lake Michigan Coastal Habitats

Project Description: The project will work with partners on restoration and invasive species control in beach, coastal wetland, forested shoreline, and riparian habitats along the shore of Lake Michigan.


Native American Educational Technologies, Inc.

Amount: $3500

Project Title: Protect Lake Superior Watershed

Project Description: Native American Educational Technologies will use our treaty rights and local units of county and township governments to organize permanent community rights solutions and focus our cameras and attention on decision makers locally, regionally and statewide.


Great Lakes Community Conservation Corps.

Amount: $1000

Project Title: Protecting All Beachgoers

Project Description: This project will conduct weekly water quality sampling at accessible, informal beach areas along the coastline in Racine County where beachgoers and recreational users are swimming. It will communicate the monitoring results and usage of the beaches to the surrounding residential community by mailings, signage and social media to yield awareness of water conditions and hazards to users at these sites and institutionalize the long-term monitoring of these informal beaches.



Amount: $3000

Project Title: Report on Gas Drilling in the Antrim Formation

Project Description: Report on Gas Drilling in the Antrim Formation


Pointes Protection Association

Amount: $3500

Project Title: Lake Superior Coastal Wetland Protection

Project Description: The Pointes Protection Association will participate in the appeal of a decision by the Ontario Municipal Board. The group will work to defend the protection of an important and rare Lake Superior coastal wetland.


Farms not Factories

Amount: $3500

Project Title: Impacts of CAFOS in Western Lake Superior

Project Description: In Fall 2014, the first proposed swine Concentrated Animal Feed Operation (CAFO) in the Lake Superior basin was proposed in Bayfield County, Wisconsin. The pig factory, with 26,000 hogs and an estimated 6.8 million gallons of manure a year, is proposed in a water-rich watershed that empties into a recreational bay of Lake Superior 8 miles downstream. The project will develop simple outreach tools to take messages about human health and environmental impacts to wider audiences in the region, especially to small-scale farmers, visitors, the general public in Bayfield and Ashland counties.


Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association

Amount: $3500

Project Title: Keuka Outlet: Citizen Stream Monitoring

Project Description: This community project will add the Keuka Outlet, an 8 mile long stream that starts at the outlet of Keuka Lake and empties into Seneca Lake, to the Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association streams that they monitor through their Community Stream and Seneca Lake monitoring program.  SLPWA is adding this stream to their stream monitoring program to investigate the increasing number of complaints about algae and smells near the mouth of the stream. Their goal with this funding is to identify the source and advocate for correction.


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