2015 Detroit Climate Grants

2015 Detroit Climate Grants

Smallville Sustainable Community Farms

Amount: $1000

Project Title: Learning About Rain Catcher

Project Description: Learning About Rain Catcher


Detroit Eastside Community Collaborative

Amount: $1000

Project Title: The Gratiot Triangle Bus Stop Project: A Greenway Friendly Bus Stop

Project Description: This project will redevelop the bus stop by using green infrastructure elements to mitigate storm water runoff and to keep the area dry and comfortable for passengers.


Pure Detroit Community Association

Amount: $1000

Project Title: Urban Rainwater Conservation: Aquaculture and Farming

Project Description: Pure Detroit Community Association will install rain barrels to reduce runoff and to use the water for farming and develop a plan for future use of the water for aquaponics.


Neighborhood Building Urban Gardens

Amount: $3000

Project Title: Neighborhood BUG Rain Wall Catchment System

Project Description: Neighborhood BUG will install a rain wall catchment system to reduce rain runoff at their Monica Street community house on the west side of Detroit, that will provide water for their vegetable gardens and indoor growing facility that includes hydroponics and aquaponics.


 Northwest Brightmoor Renaissance

Amount: $1000

Project Title: Water Catchment System Implementation for Community Food Secruity

Project Description: Northwest Brightmoor Renaissance will install a water catchment system to reduce flood waters in their neighborhood and utilize the water to grow food at their community gardens, orchard and market garden.


Voices for Earth Justice

Amount: $1800

Project Title: Ulster Street Garden Rain Garden and Water Catchment System

Project Description: Voices for Earth Justice will build a large rain garden and water catchment system at the Ulster Street Garden in north Brightmoor to demonstrate and promote rain gardens as a way to address stormwater problems and adapt to climate change.


North Rosedale Park Civic Association

Amount: $3000

Project Title: Using Green Infrastructure in North Rosedale Park to Decrease Stormwater Runoff/Drainage

Project Description: As part of a broader green initiative for the Grandmont-Rosedale Development Corporation?s five neighborhood area, we will develop bioswales in areas of poor street drainage in North Rosedale Park to decrease run off to our storm drains. This helps local residents by addressing standing water and flooding and the Rouge River Watershed by decreasing stress on city?s aging sewage system.  This project will help decrease the risk of excessive storm drainage causing combined sewage overflows and release of raw and partially treated sewage into the Detroit and Rouge Rivers, which negatively impact the Rouge Watershed and the Great Lakes Basin.


Neighbors Building Brightmoor

Amount: $3000

Project Title: Brightmoor grassroots storm water abatement

Project Description: Funding will be applied to planning and implementation of sustainable, holistic, multi-functional storm water abatement systems in Brightmoor to address flooding and combined sewage overflow into the Rouge River.



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