2014 Healing Our Waters Grant Awawrds

2014 Healing Our Waters Grant Awawrds

Friends of the Detroit River

Grant Amount: $7000

Project Title: Support for development of a GLRI Grant Application and Collaboration Building

Project Description: This HOW funded project will help Friends of the Detroit River prepare a GLRI grant for funding for habitat restoration improvements at Stony and Celeron Islands in the Detroit River as well as develop related collaboration building for the project.


Clinton River Watershed Council

Grant Amount: $5000

Project Title: Restoring the Clinton River Watershed AOC: Data Collection for Project Development

Project Description: This HOW funded Community Engagement project is to assist the organization’s efforts to engage community groups and citizen in government led restoration efforts in addition to help Clinton River Watershed Council engage in the government led restoration efforts to secure funding and project support for their Area of Concern, the Huron Erie Corridor. Clinton River Watershed Council will work with local communities and consulting firms to develop a restoration plan and design.


Lakeshore Natural Resource Partnership, Inc.

Grant Amount: $15000

Project Title: Building Capacity to Support the Little Manitowoc Coastal Wetland Restoration

Project Description: The project to restore the Little Manitowoc River, Manitowoc, WI, was initiated in 2012 with a report commissioned by the City of Manitowoc followed in 2013 by a habitat assessment conducted by Stantec, Inc. and water quality assessment by University of Wisconsin-Manitowoc student interns. LNRP is the fiscal agent for the Little Manitowoc River Partnership and overseeing the project to restore a 38-acre coastal wetland as part of a 230-acre conservancy to improve water quality draining into Lake Michigan. HOW funding will be used to provide support for benchmark data collection, a full topographical analysis, and hydrology assessment, all of which are necessary to get us to ?shovel ready? with bid-ready engineering designs.


Ducks Unlimited, Inc.

Grant Amount: $15000

Project Title: Coastal Wetland Habitat Restoration in Lake Ontario: A Ducks Unlimited Continental Collaboration

Project Description: The collaboration between Ducks Unlimited Inc (DU) and Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) will target habitat restoration initiatives within the US and Canadian Lake Ontario Watersheds. Coastal marshes in Lake Ontario have reduced quality because of dense monotypic stands of cattail that reduce the value of the wetlands for numerous keystone species. The Ducks Unlimited international collaboration will identify critical areas for restoration. Once sites have been identified, additional funding will be sought to restore open water areas to improve fish spawning and wildlife breeding habitat and diversify native marsh-meadow communities.


Alliance of Rouge Communities

Grant Amount: $15000

Project Title: ARC 2014 GLRI Grant Program

Project Description: The ARC will use funding to continue its success of improving habitat and restoring beneficial uses to the Rouge River through the use of GLRI funding. To date, the ARC has used GLRI funding to create fish passage on the Lower Rouge, restore a seven-acre wetland, create native prairie and grow zones and restore tree canopy lost to the Emerald Ash Borer. The Rouge River is Michigan’s most urban river and a Great Lakes Area of Concern.


Michigan United Conservation Clubs

Grant Amount: $5000

Project Title: Michigan On-The-Ground (OTG) Response to European Frog-bit in Alpena County.

Project Description: On the Ground is a partnership between MUCC and Michigan DNR. It identifies local habitat restoration needs and connects volunteers to meet those needs. The DNR launched a response effort to control European frog-bit in Michigan’s Northeastern coastal region and they turned to MUCC to organize volunteers for the on the ground work. In late summer 2014, On the Ground will work to remove the invasive species at the GLRI-funded Alpena project site. Ongoing monitoring will determine whether this type of removal is effective and, if successful, other projects will be planned in other affected areas in Michigan.


Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve

Grant Amount: $15000

Project Title: Protecting and Restoring Habitat from Sedimentation Impacts in the Yellow Dog River

Project Description: Sedimentation is a priority pollutant of concern for water quality in the Yellow Dog River, and a management priority of the watershed steering committee. If unaddressed, excessive sediment could impair fish spawning for the native Brook trout and could disrupt the habitat for aquatic organisms. Preliminary reconnaissance indicates that human-influenced eroding stream banks introduce tons of sediment into the Yellow Dog River each year. One site has arisen as a priority due to extreme sediment load and will be restored. This project also incorporates: GIS erosion assessment, prioritization, and management, to protect and preserve a high quality blue-ribbon trout stream.


Minnesota Trout Unlimited

Grant Amount: $12000

Project Title: Blackhoof River Fish Habitat and Watershed Resotration Project

Project Description: This HOW funded project will help asses the condition of in-stream habitat and stream banks along a large stretch of the Blackhoof River and prioritize sites for restoration. This is to be done before any restoration project begins, which Minnesota Trout Unlimited has state funding in place to complete restoration work, and this will further that work with improving their ability to apply for federal funding for this work.


Western Reserve Land Conservancy

Grant Amount: $15000

Project Title: Henninger Landfill Resoration Project: Restoring and Enhanceing a Critical Riparian Buffer Cooridor

Project Description: This HOW funded project will help develop a riparian restoration plan to restore approximately 1,015 linear feet of frontage along Lower Big Creek, a major tributary of the Cyahoga River. This creek abuts a former landfill property in Cleveland, OH (Henninger Landfull), which the Land conservancy has applied for acquisition funding.



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