2014 Fall Project Grant Awards

2014 Fall Project Grant Awards

Save Our Sky Blue Waters

Grant Amount: $1000

Project Title: Upper Midwest Asbestos and Mining Workshop

Project Description: This grant will support a workshop, to be held in spring 2015.
Watersheds Canada (Formerly Centre for Sustainable Watersheds)

Grant Amount: $1500

Project Title: The Future of our Freshwater Meeting with Maude Barlow

Project Description: This project supporting implementation of Centre for Sustainable Watersheds’ fundraising plans will help fund special guest speaker Maude Barlow at their first annual Watersheds Gala, scheduled for January 22nd, 2015 at Codes Mill in Perth, Ontario. The goal is to raise awareness about the state of freshwater in the Great Lakes region and bring in financial support that will go directly towards CSW’s work in protecting the health of local lakes and rivers.


Rogue River Watershed

Grant Amount: $1500

Project Title: Wetland Education and Restoration in the Rogue River Watershed

Project Description: Rogue River Watershed Partners will support efforts of Trout Unlimited’s Rogue River Home Rivers Initiative project. Specifically, Trout Unlimited is applying to the Department of Environmental Quality Nonpoint Source Program to support the restoration of wetland and riparian areas in the Rogue River watershed. The Rogue River Watershed Partners will (1) organize and host 2 wetland workshops for property owners to educate and increase awareness of Farm Bill and other assistance programs that are available, (2) meet with landowners in identified critical areas for wetland restoration to secure “shovel-ready” projects in the future, and (3) support the installation of a 2 acre wetland in downtown Cedar Springs along Cedar Creek, an important coldwater tributary to the Rogue River.


Highway J

Grant Amount: $2000

Project Title: Grassroots Initiative to Prevent  Environmental Impacts from a Road Expansion in Wisconsin

Project Description: Highway J Citizens Group will continue their grassroots initiative to stop the Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s (WisDOT) Highway 164 four-lane expansion project in both Washington and Waukesha Counties. WisDOT is still attempting to expand Highway 164 in direct violation of two precedent-setting federal court decisions (which established more rigorous environmental standards for road expansion projects especially for indirect effects, cumulative impacts, reasonable alternatives analysis, wetland filling permits and public hearings). In addition, they will work with hydrogeological experts to insist that the responsible government agencies and leaking landfill owners completely clean-up the worsening groundwater contamination problems in the Ackerville area. If these efforts do not yield positive results, then the HJCG plans to take legal action to obtain this long-overdue groundwater contamination clean-up.


Save Lake Superior Association

Grant Amount: $2500

Project Title: Mining law and regulations review regarding sulfide mines

Project Description: For this project, SLSA will retain legal expertise to review the substantive comments related to the EIS and permit process for the PolyMet mining project, sort out the various issues and causes of action, and prepare a comprehensive legal analysis, which we can then use (and share with allies such as WaterLegacy and others in the mining cluster) in the process of retaining attorneys and deciding what issues and lawsuits to pursue.


First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Sustainable Development Institute

Grant Amount: $2500

Project Title: Frist Nations for the protection of the Gulf of St. Lawrence: protecting the Gulf from oil development, protecting our way of life

Project Description: The project intends to develop an official document, which will put ahead Innu, Maliseet and Mi’gmaq rights and their “users of the Gulf of St. Lawrence” point of view, in order to question political leaders who have the will to go ahead with drilling for oil and gas in the Gulf. The project, which will run over the next several months, aims to give an understanding of coastal Nations rights and of way of life so that they reinforce their demand for a moratorium on oil and gas development in the Gulf.


Lake Michigan League of Women Voters

Grant Amount: $3000

Project Title: Education and Advocacy to Reduce Nonpoint Source Pollution at the Local Level

Project Description: This grant will fund an expansion of their education program, emphasizing advocacy, in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin. The League will marshal support for effective strategies and interventions that reduce nonpoint source pollution in our waterways and lakes by organizing community meetings and campaigns. They will connect citizens to groups and efforts that promote increased green infrastructure implementation and reduction of potential pollutant sources.



Grant Amount: $3500

Project Title: Prevent Health Impacts from Sulfide Mining

Project Description: WaterLegacy will advocate for assessment and prevention of adverse health effects from the PolyMet project, Minnesota’s first proposed sulfide mine. They will engage citizens and professionals in advocacy to prevent sulfide mining health impacts. They will use earned media, social media, direct outreach and presentations to inform citizens about sulfide mining health impacts. They will build our coalition to prevent sulfide mining health impacts among medical professionals and groups concerned with healthy food systems. They will coach coalition members to reach out within their own networks and publications to educate their communities about sulfide mining health risks. Advocacy will target Minnesota state officials. WaterLegacy and partners will advocate that health risk assessment must develop accurate scientific data regarding harms from PolyMet pollution, and that public health impacts must be assessed before environmental review is completed or permits considered for the PolyMet sulfide mine.



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