2012 Spring Climate Grants

2012 Spring Climate Grants

Cayuga Lake Watershed Network Inc

Amount: $ 4000

Project Title: Educating for Water Protection: Invasive Species and Preparing for Climate Change.

Project Description: Cayuga Lake Watershed Network will hold a series of public workshops in communities in the Cayuga Lake watershed and neighboring areas affected by the advance of the invasive aquatic plant Hydrilla verticillata and the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid. The workshops will engage community members in identification, monitoring, and mapping activities, as well as outreach to elected officials and decision makers to improve response planning for future invasions resulting from a warming climate.



Amount: $ 4000

Project Title: Community Asset Mapping for Climate Adaptation Organizing

Project Description: Ecolibrium3 will create a web based platform to gather and map flood experiences and damage in Duluth-Superior and the surrounding area resulting from an extreme rainfall event the region experienced in June 2012.  The resulting map will be utilized to engage residents and community leaders in dialogue about climate adaptation strategies that can be employed as infrastructure in the region is rebuilt. The web platform will also be used by Ecolibrium3 to map community resources as part of its Transition Town organizing efforts, and to diversify involvement  to include low-income, minority, and business interests. The completed tool will be shared with other communities for their own mapping activities.


Environment Erie

Amount: $ 4000

Project Title: Iroquois Elementary School Rain Garden

Project Description: Environment Erie will work with students and staff of Iroquois Elementary School to install a native rain garden that will alleviate flooding that occurs after rain events in a parking area on the school grounds. Students and staff will assist with implementing the project, which will include educational signage, curriculum materials for use by teachers, and a public open house where students will be engaged in outreach activities.


West Grand Boulevard Collaborative

Amount: $ 5000

Project Title: Albert H. Mallory Reading Garden @ the Detroit Public Library – Duffield Branch

Project Description: The West Grand Boulevard Collaborative will work with a consultant to create a methodology to measure the amount of stormwater diverted from entering the combined storm water and sanitary sewer system by low impact development techniques including rain gardens, pervious pavement, rain barrels, and swales.  Rainfall measurement and other activities associated with the project will take place at the Albert H. Mallory Reading Garden and islands along West Grand Boulevard.


Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper

Amount: $ 5000

Project Title: Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper’s “Know Your Sewershed”

Project Description: Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper will design, develop, and implement an outreach and advocacy program for citizens in the City of Buffalo and the Buffalo Sewer Authority service area about their sewershed and combined sewer overflow events. The “Know Your Sewershed” program will engage residents in learning about the impact of sewer overflows and will provide specific actions residents can take to reduce their input into the combined sewer system. Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper will select a specific neighborhood in which to work with residents on implementation of a downspout disconnection program.


Nature Abounds

Amount: $ 4000

Project Title: Climate Change Ambassadors for the Lake Erie Watershed Basin

Project Description: Nature Abounds will recruit, engage, and train a network of adult volunteers as advocates for climate change planning and adaptation in their communities in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York. Volunteers will be trained to conduct outreach activities with local businesses, community leaders and decision makers, as well as to communicate with the media about the need for planning and adaptation with climate change in mind. Nature Abounds will conduct training sessions, provide materials for use by volunteers, assist volunteers with identifying targets for their advocacy, and connect them with groups on the ground who are working on climate adaptation in their states.


Religious Coalition for the Great Lakes

Amount: $ 3000

Project Title: Education and Advocacy Training Regarding How Climate Adaptation Pertains to the Great Lakes

Project Description: The Religious Coalition for the Great Lakes will convene a meeting of representatives from their twenty member congregations throughout the eight Great Lakes states to provide training about climate adaptation and information about advocacy opportunities related to climate adaptation.


NY Sustainable Agriculture Working Group

Amount: $ 5000

Project Title: Pollinator Conservation Education Project: Climate Change Impacts and Adaptive Strategies

Project Description: The New York Sustainable Agriculture Working Group will integrate climate adaptation into their Pollinator Conservation Education Project (PCEP) by developing a Climate Change Impacts and Adaptations component for their online toolkit. The toolkit will address the vulnerability of pollinators to climate change, and provide ways people can help reduce these vulnerabilities. The completed toolkit will be made available to the public through workshops and other activities at demonstration sites.


Ojibway Defence

Amount: $ 3000

Project Title: Grassroots Activism Reconnecting Ojibway Tallgrass Prairie Remnants and protecting  Endangered Species through Road Mortality Study

Project Description: Ojibway Defence will complete its Ojibway Complex Road Mortality Study to assess reptile movement along arterial and connector roads in the natural areas of the Ojibway Tallgrass Prairie Remnant and Wetland Complex in Windsor,Ontario. The study will cover an expanded season to obtain spring and fall data not previously gathered. Data obtained will be used study to inform local authorities and planning agencies and to promote decisions that build resiliency into local ecosystems to help reptiles withstand climate impacts.


Sierra Club, Great Lakes Project

Amount: $ 10000

Project Title: Sierra Club’s Great Lakes, Great Communities Campaign

Project Description: Sierra Club will work with leaders and community members in the Detroit metropolitan area to identify and implement green infrastructure solutions that reduce storm water runoff and sewage overflows by increasing the use of rain barrels, rain gardens, and water conservation practices.


Onondaga Creek Conservation Association

Amount: $ 3500

Project Title: Citizen Science & Community-Based Restoration and Watershed Conservation in a Climate Changing World

Project Description: The Onondaga Creek Conservation Council will coordinate a riparian restoration project which incorporates climate change adaptation along a channelized urban stretch of Onondaga Creek in Kirk Park in Syracuse, New York. The over-arching goal of the project is to establish a self-sustaining, naturalized creek corridor with a diverse, native, riparian buffer along urban Onondaga Creek. The project will provide high quality habitat, stream shading, year-round CO2 absorption and increase resiliency of the creek to the impacts of global warming. Onondaga Creek Conservation Council will work with the Tully Public School and Southside Academy communities to implement the project.


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