2012 Fall Project Grants

2012 Fall Project Grants

Environment Erie

Amount: $ 2267.20

Project Title: Stormwater Workshops Project

Project Description: Environment Erie will partner with Pennsylvania Sea Grant (PASG) and Penn State Cooperative Extension (PSCE) in developing a pair of workshops aimed towards educating professionals, applicators and residents on managing stormwater at the municipal and residential levels.


Faith in Place

Amount: $ 1000

Project Title: Educating Illinois Legislators on Hight Volume Hydraulic Fractring

Project Description: Grant funding will support Faith in Place’s efforts to work within the faith community to educate people about the danger that  high-volume hydraulic fracturing for natural gas could present to the environment and particularly the water supply of Illinois, and to insure that  a robust set of regulations is adopted to cover the practice in the state of Illinois. Activities will include educating over 900 congregational partners about the issue, and helping them to become advocates on the issue to protect the water of the state, including portions of the Lake Michigan basin.



Ohio Chapter Sierra Club

Amount: $ 1000

Project Title: Ohio Chapter Statewide Clean Water Project

Project Description: Grant funding will support the Sierra Club Ohio Chapter’s Statewide Clean Water Project and Water Sentinel network. This includes monitoring equipment and other materials necessary to equip and train Water Sentinels — volunteer citizen scientists — in the Black-Rocky, Cuyahoga, and Chagrin-Ashtabula sub-watersheds of Lake Erie. Water Sentinels will use the data to increase public awareness, identify polluted areas, and alert the proper authorities when water quality and stream health changes. Staff will facilitate collaboration between different sub-watersheds and produce interactive regional water quality maps.


Highway J Citizens Group

Amount: $ 3500

Project Title: Grassroots Initiative to Stop and Environmentally-Destructive Road Expansion Project in Wisconsin

Project Description: Grant funding will support High J Citizens Group work to seek a complete clean-up of worsening groundwater contamination problems in the Ackerville area caused by two nearby leaking landfills.  This will include: 1) Further public appeals to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) to effectuate this clean-up, and 2) Subsequent legal action to hold the landfill polluters fully accountable for their environmentally-destructive actions if our agency appeals do not achieve positive results.


Ojibway Defence

Amount: $ 2000

Project Title: Grassroots Activism Protecting Ojibway Tallgrass Prairie/Wetland Complex through Road Mortality Study

Project Description: Grant funding will support Ojibway Defence’s  work to continue  the Ojibway Prairie Road Mortality Study 2012-2013 in order to confirm hotspots and  movement corridors of  “species at risk” reptiles.  This ongoing study will strengthen the ability to protect endangered reptiles in the region, including situating an ecopassage for Butler’s gartersnakes and future ecopassages. Both eastern foxsnake and Butler’s gartersnake are endangered in Canada .


Sled Dogs to Saint Paul

Amount: $ 1000

Project Title: Sled Dogs to Saint Paul Documentary

Project Description: Grant funding will support post-production and advocacy work related to the documentary project about former State Representative Frank Moe’s 362 mile trek from Grand Marais, Minnesota to the State Capitol in Saint Paul on a dog sled pulled by his team of ten dogs.  The purpose of his journey, and this film, is to inform Minnesotans from the Arrowhead region to the Metropolitan areas about the potential hazards of the proposed sulfide mining projects slated for Northeastern Minnesota and to move them to action.


Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve

Amount: $ 4500

Project Title: Rural Community Watershed Planning and Mineral Extraction in the Upper Peninsula

Project Description: Grant funding will support creating a community watershed management plan.  This will likely include networking with local agencies and the community, getting to know the watershed, defining and surveying critical areas, prioritizing pollutants, sources, and causes, determining objectives and goals, identifying systems of best management, identifying similar existing projects, informing and involving the public, evaluating the plan and assembling the document. Funds from Freshwater Future will be applied to all of the stages of the process and Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve staff will strive to accomplish as many as possible with the funding available.


Friends of the Land of Keweenaw

Amount: $ 2200

Project Title: FOLK Mining Education and Empowerment Campaign: An Assessment of New Mining’s Economic Impact on the Western UP

Project Description: With the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality’s (MDEQ) approval of the Eagle Mine in Marquette County, the way opened for a new wave of mining in the western region of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, which lies over a rich vein of sulfide ore. The two


Protect Our Water and Environmental Resources

Amount: $ 2000

Project Title: Acton Quarry

Project Description: Acton Quarry : Decision Making is a grassroots effort led by Protect Our Water and Environmental resources (P.O.W.E.R.) to stop the expansion and new license for the Acton Quarry in Halton Hills, Ontario.  With the current licensed area, some 1300 acres a


Sierra Club Ontario-Great Lakes Section

Amount: $ 2000

Project Title: Protecting and Restoring Georgian Bay Wetlands

Project Description: Sierra Club is supporting a comparison of the health of aquatic life in Georgian Bay’s diked or impounded wetlands to natural wetlands.  This information will be used in our public education and advocacy activities to influence wetland protection policies


Water Legacy

Amount: $ 2500

Project Title: Clean Water Act Sulfide Mining Advocacy

Project Description: Water Legacy’s Clean Water Act Sulfide Mining Advocacy Project will use legal and scientific advocacy, collaboration with tribal and agency staff and citizen engagement to urge that Clean Water Act (CWA) authority be exercised to scrutinize wetlands permi


Mohican Advocates, Inc.

Amount: $ 1500

Project Title: “Save Our Parks” Web Application

Project Description: The Ohio Legislature voted in 2011 to lease out Ohio’s State Parks and Forests for drilling, fracking, and logging operations.  This means that the wetlands, streams, rivers and lakes within these lands could be degraded by siltation and direct contaminat


Concerned Citizens of Big Bay

Amount: $ 2000

Project Title: Air Quality Monitoring Issues Around Kennecott’s Eagle Mine

Project Description: The Concerned Citizens of Big Bay have recently become aware of some serious air quality issues in our area due to venting at the mine portal through what is believed to be an unregulated vent.  There are no air quality monitors at the mine site or in the


Wisconsin Resources Protection Council

Amount: $ 2500

Project Title: Monitoring the Results of the Flambeau Mine near Ladysmith, Wisconsin

Project Description: In January 2011, WRPC, the Center for Biological Diversity and Laura Gauger jointly filed a citizen suit against Flambeau Mining Company (FMC; a subsidiary of Kennecott Minerals/Rio Tinto) in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin,


Native American Educational Technologies, Inc.

Amount: $ 2500

Project Title: The Indigenous Voice Advocating for Our Mother Earth

Project Description: One of Lake Superior’s prime aquatic habitats is under serious threat from sulfide contaminated mining and Wisconsin’s environmental activists are turning to the Native American’s treaty rights to stop the disaster before it happens.



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