2012 Grant Recipients


  • ......and build partnerships to achieve a climate resilient and sustainable Flint. Thank you to our awesome facilit… https://t.co/amzLwRTxvs
  • Freshwater Future recently held its "Sustainability, Equitable, and Resilient Conference" it which we provided a da… https://t.co/bgzeq2J2ca
  • We believe everyone deserves to know what's in their water, regardless of what's in their wallets. That's why our w… https://t.co/V4xxL8W6us
  • Day two of our filter education training was a big success. Community members from all over Benton Harbor received… https://t.co/wfCCwcd8YT
  • More pictures! https://t.co/JnALlm6WQO

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Images courtesy of Steven Huyser-Honig,
West Grand Boulevard Collaborative, & Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve.