2010 Spring Project Grants

2010 Spring Project Grants

Friends of the St. Joseph River Association

Amount: $2900

Project Title: St. Joseph River Watershed Wetland Coalition and Media Campaign

Project Description: Friends of the St. Joseph River will establish a bi-state wetland coalition and launch a media campaign to increase wetland restoration and protection efforts in the St. Joseph River Watershed.  Friends of the St. Joseph River will establish a bi-state wetland coalition and launch a media campaign to increase wetland restoration and protection efforts in the St. Joseph River Watershed.


CAN (CAFO Awareness Network)

Amount: $3000

Project Title: Project CLEAR: CAFO Lagoons that are Equitable and Responsible

Project Description: The goal of Project CLEAR is to generate an awareness of the potential long-term environmental risks of open pit Confined Animal Feeding Operation manure lagoons on the various sensitive creeks, streams and non-delineated wetlands in the rural landscape surrounding the small town of Rose, New York. Through educational workshops, video documentaries, creek sampling activities and residential wetland screenings, Project CLEAR will provide local residents with the technical and permitting knowledge and support to advocate for responsible Confined Animal Feeding Operation manure repository practices such as public participation during the planning process, on-site aeration treatment and methane digestion options.



Wisconsin Resources Protection Council

Amount: $4500

Project Title: Holding Kennecott Accountable for Ongoing Water Pollution at the Flambeau Mine Site

Project Description: In 2009 the Wisconsin Resources Protection Council notified Kennecott and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources of the intent to sue over water pollution caused by the Flambeau Mine near Ladysmith, Wisconsin, unless the pollution and related issues were fully addressed. See our website for further details and news coverage. One of our gravest concerns is that the industry’s fake claims of environmental success at the Flambeau Mine site are sending the wrong message to citizens and tribes throughout the Great Lakes region who are faced with new mining proposals. We are applying for the present grant to help pay ongoing legal and consultant fees.




Amount: $4000

Project Title: Building Capacity for Environmental Review and Regulatory Advocacy

Project Description: The project will increase capacity of our grassroots members, impacted individuals, and lay experts to advocate effectively in environmental review and permitting.  Our key objective is to protect wetlands and water quality in the Lake Superior Basin from adverse impacts of sulfide mining.  The project will combine: grassroots organizing and mobilization, database management, online advocacy, and development of educational materials and workshops.  The project will emphasize broad sharing of legal expertise in the effective framing of comments and testimony and technical expertise in the environmental risks of sulfide mining.



Legal Environmental Aid Foundation of Indiana, Inc

Amount: $3000

Project Title: Immediate Implementation of Strategic Plan Necessary to Continue Advocacy Work

Project Description: With funding from Freshwater Future, LEAF has undertaken preparation of its 2010-2013 strategic plan. Funding from Freshwater Future will allow us to implement that plan, a crucial next step to ensuring LEAF’s unique environmental justice and advocacy work in Indiana’s Lake Michigan region continues. Although the planning process is still underway, several key strategies have already emerged: developing our relationships with local and regional foundations, creating a framework for implementing a sliding scale fee structure, expanding our member and donor base, and expanding our capacity to provide legal representation by hiring contract attorney(s) and or creating a green attorney network for which LEAF will serve as the client referral clearinghouse.


Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation

Amount: $2000

Project Title: Filing an Amicus Brief to the Michigan Supreme Court

Project Description: Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation has an opportunity to correct errors in Michigan law that affects all of the Great Lakes.  The Michigan Supreme Court has asked for amicus briefs supporting the overturning or limiting the severance, diversion and export of water for sale allowed under the reasonable use balancing test applied by the Court of Appeals in Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation versus Nestle in 2005.  In submitting an amicus brief, the Supreme Court is granting MCWC to revisit proper water law and MEPA errors in Michigan.  The test allowed any use or diversion of water under Michigan law if the benefits, including economic benefits, outweighed the harm.  With the grant, MCWC will hire a lawyer to write an amicus brief.




Amount: $750

Project Title: Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust: Are Roads Safe With Coal Ash?

Project Description: The CROP PLUS fact-finding activities have resulted in many people and organizations conversing about coal ash.  Our ultimate want is to seek the hazardous classification for coal ash with no exceptions.  On 11/24/09, CROP PLUS engaged in a productive teleconference with the EPA concerning the promised federal regulations pertaining to coal combustion waste.  We hope to participate in the upcoming national hearings concerning the rule making proposals.  By expanding our Internet networking and outreach programs, we will have the people power to effectively influence permanent changes to protect the environment.


Friends of Oliphant Coastal Environments

Amount: $3300


Project Description: Friends of Oliphant Coastal Environments wish to engage the community in a process of education and awareness through the use of signage. Interpretive/Educational signs will be installed at strategic high volume traffic locations that will help residents and visitors appreciate the need to protect the unique shore lands of the Oliphant coast and adjacent Fishing Islands. In addition smaller signage will be employed to restrict vehicles from accessing and damaging the sensitive fen, alvar, beach, and lake waters of our area.


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