2010 Spring Climate Grants

2010 Spring Climate Grants

Friends of the St Joseph River Association

Amount: $1300

Project Title: St. Joseph River Watershed Wetland Coalition and Media Campaign

Project Description: Friends of the St. Joseph River will establish a bi-state wetland coalition and launch a media campaign to increase wetland restoration and protection efforts in the St. Joseph River Watershed. The program and will lead a media campaign to increase awareness of residents and local officials in the watershed’s 15 counties. This project will assist with the Friend’s strategic plan to become a center for watershed communication and a resource for innovation and change by building a strong coalition, publishing quarterly newsletters, increasing member and donor activity and improving the website.


Pennsylvania Lake Erie Watershed Association

Amount: $2500

Project Title: Begin ANEW: A Neighborhood Environment for Wildlife and Water Quality

Project Description: Begin ANEW will actively involve community businesses, schools, nonprofits, local, state and federal government and citizens in using BMP landscape solutions to recreate urban habitat, improve water quality and aquatic habitat, and educate thousands about green infrastructure and smart growth for managing stormwater and conserving water resources and changing ordinances. PLEWA will replace impervious and lawn areas at homes, businesses, schools and public places in the Presque Isle Bay watershed with native trees and plants. Sites will be used to educate and involve others in the remaining PA Lake Erie sub watersheds through workshops, onsite tours, mailings, lesson plans and the media.



Ojibway Defence

Amount: $4000

Project Title: Grassroots Activism Protecting Ojibway Tallgrass Prairie Wetland Complex Through OMB Legal Challenge

Project Description: Perform wetland evaluation for OMB proceeding on land adjacent to the Ojibway Tallgrass Prairie Provincial Nature Reserve, Wetland and ANSI Complex (800 plus acres) in Windsor, Ontario. A naturalized stormwater pond sits within a former half-mile training track on a 48-acre site approved for commercial Big Box. With the greatest biodiversity in Canada, Ojibway is home to endangered, threatened, rare reptiles, insects, birds, and plants. Goal: site protection and to effect local change in municipal environmental screening and site evaluation requirements, Conservation Authority mapping and survey processes, as well as changes to the applicability of the Provincial Policy Statement of Ontario.


Blanchard River Watershed Partnership

Amount: $2750

Project Title: BMPs Implementation Planning for the Outlet/Lye Creek Watershed

Project Description: A watershed action plan was written for the Outlet/Lye Creek watershed during 2009. The Ohio EPA and Ohio Department of Natural Resources reviewed the plan and said a complete implementation plan was needed before final endorsement could be granted. Development of the implementation plan will require the Partnership to hire some technicians to plan wetland restoration, habitat restoration, and eliminate sediment and nutrient loading. Once the watershed action plan is endorsed, the partnership will be eligible for grant monies to implement the plan.



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