2010 Insight Grant Recipients

2010 Insight Grant Recipients

Save the Dunes Conservation Fund

Amount: $900

Project Description: Indiana Lake Michigan Beaches Sanitary Survey Public Involvement and Implementation.


Saugatuck Dunes Coastal Alliance

Amount: $2250

Project Description: The Saugatuck Dunes Coastal Alliance is struggling to get our message to news outlets and the public through a myriad of venues.


CAFO Awareness Network

Amount: $606.50

Project Description: The goal of Project CLEAR is to generate an awareness of the potential long-term environmental risks of open pit Confined Animal Feeding Operation manure lagoons on the various sensitive creeks, streams and non delineated wetlands in the rural landscape surrounding the small town of Rose, New York. Through educational workshops, video documentaries, creek sampling activities and residential wetland screenings, Project CLEAR will provide local residents with the technical and permitting knowledge and support to advocate for responsible Confined Animal Feeding Operation manure repository practices such as public participation during the planning process, onsite aeration treatment and methane digestion options.


Blanchard River Watershed Partnership

Amount: $562.50

Project Description: Consulting


Cool Learning Experience

Amount: $393.75

Project Description: Consulting


East Algoma Stewardship Council

Amount: $2500

Project Description: Consulting.


Legal Environmental Aid Foundation of Indiana

Amount: $584.38

Project Description: Organizational consulting.


Water Legacy

Amount: $2250

Project Description: Fundraising Strategy and Systems Plans.


Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association

Amount: $562.5

Project Description: Organizational consulting.


Flint River Corridor Alliance

Amount: $2500

Project Description: Consulting.



Amount: $300

Project Description: Consulting with SOG.


Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Association

Amount: $1350

Project Description:  Consulting.



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