2010 Fall Project Grants

2010 Fall Project Grants

Front 40

Amount: $1000

Project Title: Research Consulting Project

Project Description: Front 40 is contracting with an outside consulting research organization whose qualifications include research in cyanide processing and background information specifically on HudBay Minerals, Shakey Lakes Savannah, and Section 106 National Historic Preservation Act. They will enlist the services of Great Lakes Research & Media (GLRM), who will provide research on cyanide poisoning and its adverse affects; and design an updated Power Point presentation. The Consultant, Great Lakes Research and Media (GLRM), will provide the Front 40 with research and a report that will be used by the Front 40 as a reference for updated information. GLRM will also write letters to public officials ‘and create a Power Point presentation that can be used by members of the Front 40 to educate the public.


Bad River Watershed Association

Amount: $4900

Project Title: Building capacity for citizen groups to ensure protection of Wisconsin's waters

Project Description: This project will build BRWA’s capacity to implement volunteer monitoring programs that actively use data in Wisconsin’s water quality assessment, reporting and planning processes through 2 main activities: 1) We will evaluate current BRWA data and programs with respect to WDNR data use requirements, a list of recommended changes (if needed) to meet these requirements, and create a list of recommended waterbodies to be evaluated jointly for potential future special designations, and 2) A portion of project funding will be used for fundraising activities to support BRWA. These evaluations can form the basis for assuring responsible recommendations in EPA approved action plans. The project will improve how BRWA shares data with WDNR, ensure that water resources receive appropriate protection and build the capacity for citizen’s groups to assess and maintain the health of Wisconsin’s waters.  In addition, the proposed project will help us be more prepared for applying for GLRI funds by outlining the WDNR and BRWA relationship and work plan that can then be utilized in the Bad River watershed. Freshwater Future funds will be used for personnel for the water quality assessment, and for fundraising materials for the BRWA.



Kalamazoo River Sturgeon for Tomorrow

Amount: $1700

Project Title: Identification and Education of Sediment Contributors along the Lower Kalamazoo River

Project Description: This project will document unstable banks along the state designated Natural River corridor of the Lower Kalamazoo River. Using funds from Freshwater Future, Kalamazoo River Sturgeon for Tomorrow will photograph and film bank conditions by boat, identify locations with GPS equipment, rank potential sites to restore based on importance as spawning areas using an underwater camera, create a PowerPoint presentation, use a projector to present to local authorities, DNRE, Conservation District, and local groups for recruitment, and develop a brochure. This project will be a spring board towards future restoration projects.


Friends of Big Creek

Amount: $2000

Project Title: Big Creek Watershed Stormwater Retrofit Ranking Project

Project Description: This project will build on the work completed in the Big Creek Watershed Balanced Growth Plan by utilizing the data gathered for the four types of storm water retrofits identified in the plan. Stormwater retrofits are designed to mitigate erosive flow, reduce pollutants, and promote conditions for improved aquatic habitat that are retrofitted into developed watersheds. It will evaluate and rank the sites identified in the plan and develop up to six conceptual projects that can be taken to the implementation stage. The project ranking will be able to be used to seek future implementation funding, not only by FOBC but, by the watershed communities and other interested stakeholders. Results will be reported on FOBC’s Web site, in email news communications to subscribers, and in printed newsletters.  Funds from Freshwater Future will be used towards field data collection by the intern.



Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve

Amount: $3350

Project Title: Sulfide Mine Monitoring in the Yellow Dog River Watershed

Project Description: Through purchasing groundwater conductance meters and piezometers Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve will provide information on groundwater quality and how much water is being withdrawn for the sulfide mine. Freshwater Future will fund aerial surveys to provide a historical point of reference. A review of the mine permit will be a constant throughout this project. Funds from Freshwater Future will also provide personnel time, travel, and photo processing for the

aerial surveys.


Southeastern Wisconsin Watersheds Trust

Amount: $1000

Project Title: Independent Analysis and Promotion of Findings from a Survey on Opinions and Knowledge about Water Resources in the Greater Milwaukee Watersheds

Project Description: Sweet Water will conduct a telephone survey of residents regarding their opinions, knowledge, attitudes and behaviors associated with stormwater and water resources, and request funds to analyze and disseminate the survey findings.


Residents for Responsible Government

Amount: $4503.12

Project Title: Influence Public Opinion to Oppose Toxic Landfilling that Contaminates the Great Lakes

Project Description: The grant will be used to finance an ongoing media and public information campaign, the purpose of which is to stop the permitting of a new toxic waste landfill in the area by requesting enforcement of current laws and regulations.


Lakeshore Natural Resource Partnership

Amount: $5500

Project Title: Partnership Development for Long-Term Groundwater Protection in Karst Areas

Project Description: LNRP will use Freshwater Future funds to work with a media consultant to develop media kits, deliver a press event, hold a workshop with public officials (with a match from NRCS), and expand the resources available to the public regarding how large animal farmers handle annual waste. This project will promote best management practices that are likely to mitigate the impacts of climate change.



Highway J Citizens Group

Amount: $4000

Project Title: Grassroots Initiative to Stop an Environmentally-Destructive Road Expansion Project in Wisconsin

Project Description: Freshwater Future will fund $3 ,000 to use towards attorney and expert fees to preserve Highway 164 federal lawsuit victories during the upcoming appeals process and for the ongoing efforts to obtain a complete clean-up of the groundwater contamination problems in the Ackerville area, and $ 1,000 for fundraising, communications, office supplies, advertising and transportation/travel expenses.


Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association

Amount: $3500

Project Title: Seneca Lake Water Testing Program Expansion

Project Description: The Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association will expand the existing Seneca Lake and tributary water quality monitoring program from its current northerly focus to the central and southern end of the three by fifty-seven mile, elongated watershed.



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