2009 Insight Grant Awards

2009 Insight Grant Awards


Amount: $562.50

Project Description: Concerned over the use of coal combustion bottom ash as a traction agent on roads and as surface material for trail making CROP PLUS is seeking an immediate moratorium on the use of ash until appropriate guidelines with an aggressive monitoring program are in place.


Legal Environmetal Aid Foundation of Indiana, Inc.

Amount: $2250

Project Description:  Strategic Planning.


Paradise Lake Association

Amount: $393.75

Project Description: The Paradise Lake association has been organizing and funding Paradise Lake protection projects for 36 years. In 1998 they became the pilot project through the MDEQ to combat Eurasian Water Milfoil(EWM) with the E. Lecontei weevil.


Western Lake Erie Waterkeeper Association

Amount: $1500

Project Description: Consulting.



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