2007 Fall Grant Recipients

2007 Fall Grant Recipients

Friends of the Jordan River

Amount: $5500

Project Title: Coordinating Responsible Public Advocacy in Implementing Long Term Best Management Practices (BMP’as) in the Containment and Disposal of Cement Kiln Dust (CKD) Materials

Project Description: In June of 2007, CMS Energy and the Beeland Group announced plans to dispose of toxic cement kiln dust leachate from Bay Harbor into a deep disposal well near Alba. These toxic wastes have the potential to contaminate the pristine ground water aquifer wh


Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation

Amount: $5000

Project Title: Back to Court – Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation (MCWM)

Project Description: Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation (MCWC) has won in three courts in its battle against Nestle’s pumping spring water from the Sanctuary Springs in Mecosta County. MCWC, in 2008, attempted mediation with Nestle to limit Nestle’s pumpi


Highway J Citizens Group, U.A.

Amount: $4500

Project Title: Grassroots Initiative to Stop an Environmentally-Destructive Road Expansion in Wisconsin

Project Description: We are pursuing a major federal lawsuit regarding a highway expansion project, which, if successful, will protect precious wetland areas, primary environmental corridors, river crossings and nearby lakes where several endangered and threatened animal and


Onondaga Creek Conservation Association

Amount: $2500

Project Title: Onondaga Creek Corridor Conservation Project: Capacity Building and Farm Campaign

Project Description: The Onondaga Creek Corridor Conservation Project works in interconnected spheres. In the sphere of the heart and mind, the Onondaga Creek Conservation Association seeks to cultivate a communal ethic of respect and responsibility for the creek. We help pe


Friends of Big Creek

Amount: $1250

Project Title: Information and Promotion Program: Watershed Stewardship, Greenspace Preservation and the Organization's Role

Project Description: Friends of Big Creek, an active, volunteer-run, greenway advocacy and watershed stewardship organization, has successfully advanced its vision for improvement in the Watershed. FOBC members participate in many events and activities to promote environmenta


Friends of Fort Erie’s Creeks

Amount: $1000

Project Title: Friends of Fort Erie's Creeks Wetlands Awareness Initiative

Project Description: Water quality testing and monitoring is an important regular activity of the Friends of Fort Erie’s Creeks (FOFEC). This grant will develop and print a booklet to explain why and how it is done, what is achieved over the short and long run, and the i


Save the Wild UP

Amount: $3500

Project Title: Protecting U.P. Aquatic Resources by Protecting Surface Landowner Rights

Project Description: The prospect of multiple nonferrous metallic mining operations in the Upper Peninsula poses major risks to the health of some of the Great Lakes region’s most precious groundwater and surface water habitats. This project will research the legal mecha


Leelanau Forum

Amount: $5500

Project Title: Northport Groundwater Discharge Challenge

Project Description: The Leelanau Forum filed a Michigan Environmental Protection Act lawsuit against Northport Village-Leelanau Township and Leelanau County on the construction of a wastewater treatment project. Our attorneys and engineers have determined pollution to the gr


Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve, Inc.

Amount: $2100

Project Title: Increasing Access to Information Through Outreach Development

Project Description: The Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve has been working since 1995 to keep the Yellow Dog River and Michigan’s water pure for the use of future generations. Much of the water in the Great Lakes Basin is polluted because of misuse and neglect, with over 36


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