2006 Theme Grant Recipients

2006 Theme Grant Recipients

Midwest Environmental Advocates

Amount: $8000

Project Title: Sustaining Communities Campaign: Connecting Smart Growth and Clean Water in the Great Lakes Basin

Project Description: Midwest Environmental Advocates’ (“MEA”) Sustaining Communities Campaign links urban sprawl to water quality problems, using the issue of balanced growth to organize Great Lakes communities in defense of aquatic habitats.  When residential and business development fragments existing agricultural and green spaces, increasing polluted runoff that threatens Wisconsin waterways, MEA will help grassroots groups educate their neighbors, businesses, and elected officials.  A GLAHNF grant will allow MEA to provide impacted communities with the tools and expertise needed to help them make water-wise land use decisions.  In addition to creating a Know-Your-Rights Tool-kit, MEA will help build coalitions among new and diverse grassroots partners, support grassroots media campaigns, and disseminate expert information in digestible formats.


Minnesota Environmental Partnership

Amount: $8000

Project Title: Minimizing Residential Construction Impacts on Lake Superior Shoreline: A Citizen’s Stormwater Initiative

Project Description: Lake Superior’s NorthShore is experiencing intense development pressure as a sought-after locale for second homes, condominiums, and other developments.   With these construction projects come stormwater runoff, erosion, and associated water quality problems.  Although Minnesota has excellent stormwater regulations on the books, in reality government agencies do not have sufficient staff or funding to adequately monitor development sites and enforce existing regulations.  This project will provide support and resources for grassroots citizen groups to become engaged in assessing stormwater runoff problems in their communities, create dialogue with regulatory and elected officials about stormwater regulations, and encourage effective stormwater management.


River Alliance of Wisconsin

Amount: $6000

Project Title: Building Wisconsin Watershed Organizations' Ability to Protect their Waters from Conservation Activities

Project Description: This project will 1. develop and pilot a training module to help citizens advocate for better erosion control and stormwater management in particular construction projects, and 2. publish a guide to help them get stronger local protections from construction projects generally (i.e. by making systemic changes rather than by focusing on one project’s impact).  There is currently much confusion on the part of interested citizens for how to advocate for development that is less damaging to local water resources. We will build stronger advocates by helping them work more effectively with developers, state agency staff, and local officials.


Wisconsin Wetlands Association

Amount: $8000

Project Title: Wetlands and Stormwater Management: A Proactive Approach to Protecting Watershed Health

Project Description: As a grassroots service provider, WWA routinely advises grassroots advocates on wetland advocacy issues through one-on-one consultation; however, there is both a demand and need to provide these specialized services to a wider audience. This proposal requests the seed money to launch an expanded assistance program for grassroots wetland advocates to meet this demand. Specifically, we seek funds to: a) develop web-based resources to help grassroots advocates understand the local wetland permitting decision making processes and how and when to get involved, b) conduct outreach to promote the availability of these resources, and c) provide training to other grassroots service providers to increase their technical understanding, and thus capacity, to advise grassroots advocates on wetland concerns.



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