2006 Fall Project Grant Awards

2006 Fall Project Grant Awards

Junction Creek Stewardship Committee

Amount: $3500

Project Title: Junciton Creek Healthy Watershed Advocacy Project

Project Description: Volunteers will educate members of the public to reduce storm water pollution. Activities will include organizing Sudbury’s first “Creek Friendly Car Wash,” using special equipment to collect wastewater for disposal in the sanitary sewer system. A brochure suggesting actions people can adopt to reduce storm water pollution at home and pressure they can exert to obtain a pesticide free by-law will be designed and hand delivered to all homes near Junction Creek during a door-to-door campaign. A Watershed Awareness Program will be introduced in local schools and presentations will be given to various groups.


Superior Broadcast Network

Amount: $5500

Project Title: DiibiiskuNibi:We Are All Connected By Water; A grassroots community media campaign

Project Description: As an activist’s voice for the grassroots community Superior Broadcast Network (SBN) works to encourage protection of northern Wisconsin’s water resources by connecting Native American treaty rights with local/regional non-Native neighbors. The volunteers of SBN have worked many long years in the Native American and non-Native communities and know how to build coalitions that have successfully halted many potentially polluting projects within the ceded territory. The “Nibi” campaign (pronounced “knee-be”) will expand that organizing to the airwaves of public radio throughout Wisconsin and the Internet, thus benefiting other environmental organizations by “getting the word out” about protecting water resources.


Highway J Citizens Group

Amount: $4500

Project Title: Grassroots Inititiative to Stop an Environmentally-Destructive Road Expansion Project in WI

Project Description: This project will continue advocacy and legal activities to protect wetlands form a highway expansion project.  The requested project grant will be used for fundraising, communications, office supplies, and advertising expenses to help us:  a) Build group membership, b) Encourage greater citizen participation, and c) Generate more citizen donations for our grassroots efforts to protect wetlands and aquatic habitats.

The Technical Assistance Grant will be used to help pay for the services of qualified expert consultants for: a) Performing scientific/ecological studies and providing related expert testimony, and b) Conducting fundraising activities and planning large group events.  The Technical Assistance Grant will also be used for attorney fees associated with the Highway 164 federal lawsuit.


Scugog Lake Stewards, Inc.

Amount: $1550

Project Title: Scugog Lake Stewards Shoreline Informational Brochure

Project Description: The grant will be used to cover the cost of printing 6,000 copies of new Scugog Lake Stewards, Inc. brochure to encourage citizen engagement to help preserve the ecological integrity of our watershed and lake.  This brochure will specifically be used in information packets given to shoreline owners during one-on-one conversations through a program called the “Blue Canoe.”  It will also be distributed widely through our school programs, local outlets and at our workshops.


Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper

Amount: $4000

Project Title: Riverwatch ; Volunteer Waterway Monitoring Program

Project Description: Riverkeeper will arrange 7-8 training workshops per year for our volunteer captains.  These sessions will increase captains’ understanding of essential watershed issues and improve their skills as volunteer monitors.  Riverkeeper will also maintain partnerships with local institutions to carry out testing of water samples gathered by volunteers.  Upon receiving captain monitoring reports, we will work the captains, government agencies, municipalities, land owners, and the press to resolve the problems documented.  Riverkeeper will also promote stormwater drain stenciling on thousands of storm drains in our watershed.


Northwoods Wilderness Recovery

Amount: $3000

Project Title: Northwoods Media Project

Project Description: The Northwoods Media Project continues Northwoods Wilderness Recovery’s advocacy for watershed protection in the upper Great Lakes.  Their objective of this project is to 1) publish a newsletter to update readers on the metallic sulfide mining issue in the UP, discuss the threat of development from proposed energy company sales of thousands of acres of undeveloped waterfront lands, and provide information on other Great Lakes water issues; 2) continue work on our web site as a source for news on conservation issues in Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota; 3) update and expand our mailing database


Citizens Concerned for Michipicoten Bay

Amount: $5500

Project Title: Protection of Coastal Habitat on Lake Superior by Excercising Citizen Rights through the OMB

Project Description: A proposed quarry at Michipicoten Bay, within a globally significant section of Lake Superior shoreline, required the proponent to seek an Official Plan Amendment (OPA#4) to the Township of Michipicoten’s Official plan, since the original zoning did not permit the quarry operation as proposed.  Citizens Concerned for Michipicoten Bay has appealed the Official Plan Amendment, thus earning the right to a hearing by the Ontario Municipal Board, and independent tribunal, where evidence of the potentially devastating environmental impacts of the operation may be presented.

CCMB has applied to amend the Township’s Official Plan (OPA#6) to increase the scope of the zoning change to cover the proponent’s entire 1,000-acre property (as opposed to the <10% in the current application) so that the longer-term environmental impacts of the proposed quarry can be evaluated.

The legal team will pursue and further develop OMB strategy, communicating with the ministries of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Natural Resources, with the Ministry of the Environment as well as with the municipality, with the proponent, and with the board itself, as necessary.


Bad River Watershed Association

Amount: $5500

Project Title: Collaborating on Culverts for Watershed Health

Project Description: This project will make possible a coordinated effort between the BRWA, USFWS and watershed town governments to improve watershed health.  By identifying those culverts most in need of repair, the 17 watershed town governments will be able to focus maintenance efforts in a way that not only solves transportation problems, but also addresses fish passage and sediment/erosion problems at road crossings.  It will also enable USFWS and BRWA to seek funding for culvert remediation to address watershed needs in a coordinated manner.


Protecting Escarpment Rural Land (PERL)

Amount: $3500

Project Title: Protecting the Niagara Escarpment From Quarry Proposal

Project Description: A Karst Study will provide information about the characteristics and extent of the karst hydrogeological systems within the Mt. Nemo plateau by mapping the discharge areas, in conjunction with groundwater tracing.  This information will help determine the potential potential impacts of karst on sub-surface water flows to fish-bearing creeks, wetlands and community wells.  The Blasting Study will measure the noise levels, bedrock vibration and atmospheric percussion impacts on the local environment and identify the potential for damage to sub-surface water flows and human dwellings.


Beach Aid-East Harbor

Amount: $2500

Project Title: East Harbor State Park Beach Restoration Initiative

Project Description: East Harbor State Park Beach Restoration Initiative will build a coalition in support of beach re-nourishment through networking, media outreach and on-line advocacy tools.  BAEH will conduct outreach activities to include:  development of a website, media exposure, and private mailings.  Web tools will offer background information on the beach erosion, habitat destruction, sample letters and talking points as well as contact information for media, agency and legislative leaders.  No lobbying will be undertaken with these funds.



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