Great Lakes Network

Great Lakes Network

Freshwater Future implements the Great Lakes Network grant program to support subnetworks working under the Great Lakes Network. The goal of the program is to encourage collaboration on current or emerging issues that threaten the waters of the Great Lakes region.

Emergency Grant Program
Freshwater Future also created an emergency grant program (of up to $1,000) to support unexpected work that is required to achieve an important Great Lakes policy goal. Examples include hiring a consultant to draft a response to a government policy proposal, supporting an awareness campaign in the lead up to an important decision, or hiring an expert to clarify technical information. Contact Alicia Smith for more information (contact information below).

Use this form to apply for Great Lakes Network Emergency Grants.

To qualify for funding, you must be a Great Lakes Network member. To find out more about the Network and how to join, visit our webpage or contact Alicia Smith.

What is a subnetwork?
A subnetwork is made up of at least 4 organizations or individuals that are working together to address a particular issue or the issues in a specific geographical area within the Great Lakes basin. Subnetworks support the goals of the Great Lakes Network by:

  • Improving collective access to and utilization of information and knowledge on Great Lakes policy;
  • Better coordinating responsiveness to current and emerging issues; and
  • Enhancing integration, collaboration and coordination across issues and geographies (including the Canada -U.S. border).

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