Climate Grant Program

Climate Grant Program

vels from where 003Increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases leading to global warming affect the world around us in all kinds of ways. In the Great Lakes region climate change influences many of the basic characteristics of our environment: how thick the lake ice gets or if there’s any lake ice at all; how much oxygen the water in lakes and ponds can hold; when leaves on trees emerge in the spring; and the amount of rain and snow. Impacts from climate change in the Great Lakes region will include more intense storms, increased precipitation, flooding of communities as well as drought and water supply shortages. These impacts will cause property damage as well as damage to ecosystems.

Freshwater Future’s Climate Grants Program has helped engage communities in preparing and responding to climate change impacts in the Great Lakes region.

This program is currently not open – sign up for our emails to learn about future Climate Grant opportunities.

Did the rain storms last summer flood your streets and basements?  Scientists predict that large rain storms will become more frequent as a result of climate change.   Through our climate grants program, we aim to help community and neighborhood groups  prepare to adapt to climate change impacts.  An organization membership in Freshwater Future is required–join here!

Projects to be considered will address problems such as larger rain events and longer periods of drought and heat. Projects that provide other benefits to the community such as beautification or food will receive priority.

Funding priority will be given to projects that:

  •  Engage undeserved neighborhoods/communities;
  •  Implement an on-the-ground project to reduce climate impacts;
  •  May include a climate mitigation component such as solar or energy efficiency;
  •  Advocate for decision making that addresses climate change impacts, e.g. extreme rain storms; and
  •  Encourage local regulations that reduce vulnerability to climate impacts.

Check-out past years grant recipients in Detroit for more ideas.  When you have an idea, please contact Ann at or 231-348-8200 to talk about your project.

Types of Activities We Do Not Fund:

  • Governmental functions (including governmental entities such as units of government, governmental agencies and conservation districts)
  • Lobbying activities (activities that attempt to influence specific pieces of legislation)
  • Projects that have already been completed
  • Consulting activities for organizational capacity building or strategy development services. These services are available from Freshwater Future staff through our Insight Grants.

 How to Apply

Applicants must be a current organizational member of Freshwater Future; a grassroots initiative; a 501(c)(3), , or have a fiscal sponsor with either a 501(c)(3); and carry out a project in Detroit.  If you are still not sure you qualify, please contact us.

Submitting Your Application 

Applications must be received electronically by midnight on May 15, 2015.  Please send your application via e-mail in a Word attachment to  Supporting documents may be sent via email or first class mail. Please do not fax your application.

Check out what our past grantees have done to address climate change.

Climate Resources

Freshwater Future’s Great Lakes  Climate Change Adaptation Toolkit  introduces climate adaptation and how to incorporate it into community level work.

Climate Training Events are also held several times a year and offer hands-on opportunities to learn how to make your work climate savvy. The schedule of climate events can be found on here.

For more information contact Ann Baughman

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