Freshwater Weekly 10/12/17

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This week: focus on Lake Erie + help protect Michigan waters + more ways you can make a difference.


Unseasonably warm temperatures have sustained algal growth well beyond the typical summer season, and the bloom has inundated much of the shoreline of the western basin, impacting Michigan, Ohio, and Ontario—including Pelee Island.  

This week, Freshwater Future and the Alliance for the Great Lakes released a report that evaluates the progress being made around Lake Erie to reduce the runoff pollution that fuels these toxic algal blooms. Unfortunately, progress by all jurisdictions has been lackluster and we’ll need to do a lot more if we are going to reduce pollution and restore the health of the lake.

TAKE ACTION! Great Lakes  governors and premiers are meeting on October 20th, and we need your help to get Lake Erie to the top of their agenda. Freshwater Future supporters joined more than 13,000 others in signing petitions that were delivered on Monday to the Governors of Michigan and Ohio and Premier of Ontario. They owe the public a report on progress and what next steps will be taken to cleanup Lake Erie.

Click here to send an email to Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, Ohio Governor John Kasich, and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne. Tell them that stopping runoff pollution must be a priority.


The Michigan state Senate is likely to vote soon on a bill (HB-4205) that would significantly restrict the ability of state agencies to create regulations that are any stronger than federal regulations, hampering efforts to stop the spread of invasive species, keep drinking water clean, and protect fragile wetlands. Read more about the bill on our blog.

We cannot leave the protection of Michigan’s freshwater in the hands of the federal government, especially under an administration that has pledged to roll back two administrative rules for every new rule created. The bill, nicknamed “No Greater than the Feds,” just passed out of the Senate Oversight Committee and now goes to the full Senate for approval. Michigan residents, ask your senator to oppose the bill so that Michigan’s regulatory agencies can use every tool they have to protect our waters.

SPEAK OUT: Tell your Michigan senator to vote no on the Senate’s version of HB-4205.


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