Freshwater Future Weekly: June 18, 2021

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THIS WEEKJuneteenth — How Freedom Has Evolved + Chemical Companies Hid Health Dangers of Forever Chemicals + Sturgeon For Tomorrow Black Lake Chapter Receives Grant for Sturgeon Restoration in Saginaw Bay + Community Summer Events

Juneteenth — How Freedom Has Evolved 

     By Brandon Tyus

As an African American team member of Freshwater Future, I’d like to comment on recent progress to address inequities and justice. We’ve gone from being brought to American soils on someone else’s accord, to increasing our number of people now sitting at the table to make decisions to better our community, to the adoption this week of Juneteenth as a federal holiday. We fight so hard every day to rectify the disparity in equity, so let us use Juneteenth to recognize how far we’ve come. To relish in our wins in water and freedom.

Chemical Companies Hid Health Dangers of Forever Chemicals

Industry research indicates that severe health risks from newer PFAS used in food packaging was hidden by chemical companies from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  The reporting revealed that these newer chemicals, sometimes called “short-chain” PFAS, accumulate and are toxic, similar to the longer chain chemicals. As a result, our pizza boxes, take out containers, and other food packaging are exposing us to these damaging chemicals.  

Sturgeon For Tomorrow Black Lake Chapter Receives Grant for Sturgeon Restoration in Saginaw Bay

The Black Lake Chapter was awarded $8,000 to help increase the lake sturgeon population in Saginaw Bay through the Conservation Fund and the Bay Area Community Foundation. The Black Lake Chapter will use these funds to stock 1,500 fall fingerling lake sturgeon over three years in the Saginaw Bay watershed, helping to restore these long-lived fish. 

Summer Community Events

Water Celebration – Menominee River

Water Celebration on July 16th, 2021 is a gathering in Stephenson Island, Wisconsin to support protection from mining contamination of the Menominee River. Great speeches and fun activities are featured at this outdoor event. Learn more here.

Water is Life Festival September 4, 2021

The Water is Life Festival is an annual event that celebrates our connection to the water and builds power through community so we can work towards living in a holistic way with water and protect it from those who seek to exploit or endanger it. The festival is held Saturday, September 4th before Labor Day in Mackinaw City, Michigan. 



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