State by State Guide

State by State Guide

Fracking is having an impact on our eight  Great Lakes states and Ontario.  Want to know what is happening in your state?  Check out the updates and links below to learn more.  Still curious or want to get involved–give us a call at 231-348-8200 or email

New York:  WooHoo! Yeah!  New York banned fracking in December 2014.  Thank you to all the people who worked so hard  on this issue.  Here is the public health study that was referenced for the reasons for a ban.

Pennsylvania: If you use natural gas–good chance it came from Pennsylvania.  Currently, 89% of US natural gas is supplied from Pennsylvania.  Fracking is on the downswing in Pennsylvania providing its neighbors with a set of lessons learned that hopefully will be heeded.  For example, in August 2014, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection released this list  confirming 243 cases of drinking water contamination from fracking wells.  Another study conducted by Food & Water Watch looked at the social impacts of fracking on a community.

Illinois:  Legislators approved regulations to allow hydraulic fracturing in Illinois.  It does require companies to register and to date only one is on the list.

Ohio:  Good news in Ohio–Ohio legislators ban fracking in State Parks.  And the not so good news–supreme court says local governments cannot zone oil and gas development.

Michigan:  The University of Michigan’s Graham Sustainability Institute has a draft report out on fracking–check it out here.

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality has new rules regulating oil and gas effective March 11, 2015.

Wisconsin:  High silica sand is another resource used by gas companies in the fracking process. Wisconsin hasn’t had any gas well development–but they are experience mining of the sand that is used to frack wells elsewhere.  Check out where in Wisconsin they are mining sand on the Wisconsin DNR website.

Ontario: Off-shore drilling is allowed in Canada.  However the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ministry of the Environment are currently reviewing regulations on fracking.  This map shows where lands under Lake Erie are owned or leased by companies.

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