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Five Years After the Start of the Water Crisis

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Today, the Worldview Chicago radio show, which is on a bus tour through the Great Lakes region, visited the Flint Development Center in Flint, Michigan. They covered a story in regards to Flint’s Water Crisis. Their topic was specifically on Flint residents taking water testing into their own hands; five years after the start of the water crisis, and addressing the question of how safe is Flint’s water currently?

“… without a filter it would not be safe [to drink],” opened Jill Ryan to the question is the Flint water safe to drink. “But yes, it is safe if you take precautions, but right now, people might want to be drinking bottled water, which is difficult, because the bottled water from the State has stopped.”
“Because the State assumes that the water is clean, and it’s about convincing the community that the water is safe.” Shelly Sparks, Executive Director of the Flint Development Center, responded. “As far as drinking the water, I’m like Jill. I wouldn’t drink the water unless I was drinking bottled water.”

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#WVBus – the Great Lakes Tour

The Worldview bus tour is visiting communities throughout the Great Lakes region for a week as they celebrate the show’s twenty-fifth year on air. From water insecurity in Flint to indigenous rights in Kalamazoo, they are sharing stories that allow you to experience the world through the communities in your own backyard.  To listen to more click here.


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