Alert -Blackman Charter Township Water Does Not Meet Drinking Water Standards!

Posted on November 20, 2020 by
Michigan’s Blackman Charter Township officials announced on November 17, 2020 that the water system is not in compliance with the Lead and Copper Rule.  This means homes can experience high lead levels in their water.  Because lead is a highly toxic metal, it is important to take steps to reduce lead if you live in the Blackman Charter Township Water Service Area.
Here are important steps to reducing lead at your tap: 1) flush water for 5 minutes before you first use water each day because water that sits in pipes for over 6 hours can leach lead from pipes and fixtures, 2) consider using a NSF 53 certified filter to remove lead, 3) only use cold water for drinking and cooking.  For more information on lead and water click here.
Although public officials recommend filters for people in areas that are out of compliance only for homes with children and pregnant women, there is no safe level of lead, so we encourage everyone to use a filter and follow maintenance schedules.


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