Stormwater Resources Toolbox

Stormwater Resources Toolbox

Hot off the Press! Freshwater Future Stormwater Materials are now available-just in time for April showers. Five different publications make-up the tool-kit, below are brief descriptions and pdf files. If you would like additional copies please contact us at

Stories of Successful Stormwater Management Projects from the Field

Let It Rain: From Runoff to Renewal

Stormwater is the theme for Freshwater Future’s 2006/2007 Success Stories. Though the challenges addressed vary: a dying lake, stream bank erosion, big box developments, and heavily paved cities polluting local water bodies, stormwater is a connecting thread across each of these stories. So, too are the advocates. Using ingenuity, creativity and open-minds, local advocates successfully turn stormwater runoff into a source for renewal in their communities.

Free copies available for your work, e-mail:

These two publications provide a summary of management techniques that municipalities can use to reduce the impacts of stormwater on our lakes, rivers, wetlands, and Great Lakes.


These two publications provide tips on how to make stormwater into a resource and how to use stormwater as a tool to boost aquatic habitat protection in your community

For more details about the Stormwater Success Stories click here.

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