A new website is online that provides a wealth of shoreland and lake management information in one place. The Minnesota Shoreland Management Resource Guide is designed for people who make the everyday decisions that impact lakes and rivers. The site, collaboratively developed by the University of Minnesota Sea Grant Program and a multi-disciplinary steering committee, which made its debut in July, 2001, has already won a gold award from the Association of Natural Resources Extension Professionals.
Issued by the United States and Canada (parties to the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement), the fourth biennial State of the Great Lakes 2001 Report is available. The report presents information and assessments of the state of the Great Lakes. Visit the website for more information or to order a copy, or call: (416)-739-4704.


Free Publications
Check out New York Sea Grant’s website for lots of interesting Great Lakes publications, some of which are free.
A Field Guide to Aquatic Exotic Plants and Animals. This brochure gives a brief introduction to Midwest exotics, describing several nuisance species, telling why they’re a problem, and features color photos and illustrations. Order No. MSG-98-504 [FREE].

Exotics ID Cards. Learn to recognize exotic species with the help of these full-color, wallet-size identification cards. Great for resource managers, teachers, anglers, etc. Individual cards are free; bulk pricing available. Order Nos: Round Goby-MSG-98-505. Ruffe: MSG-98-500. Zebra Mussel: MSG-98-501. Purple Loosestrife: MSG-98-507.

For copies, contact the New York Sea Grant Institute at (631)-632-9124.


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