Director’s Notes: Making the Ask

Director’s Notes: Making the Ask

by Jill Ryan

Experts say that December and January are great times to ask supporters for charitable donations. Therefore, this can be an important time to make requests of members. If you are wondering how to motivate giving, researchers have spent a good deal of time making lists, but over and over again I’ve heard the most powerful motivator for giving is a request from an acquaintance. In other words, people give to people. (For an article on the subject by Andy Robinson, trainer and consultant, see:

Given that the biggest motivator for giving is a personal request, you may also be wondering who to ask. Some good places to start are 1) the board of directors, 2) those people benefiting from your programs, 3) past donors, 4) members, and 5) anyone else interested in your work. When you ask these individuals, pretend this is your money being given away, and tell people why your organization is important — and set your group apart from all the rest. Of course, the first key to receiving donations is that YOU MUST ASK.

So, take the opportunity in the New Year to ask, and to motivate giving by letting people know the importance of your work. As always, check rules in your state(s) regarding regulations and requirements for making charitable solicitations before you make the ask.

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