Networking Success

Networking Success

In August 2001, The Great Lakes Aquatic Habitat Network & Fund (GLAHNF) brought together Great Lakes environmental leaders for a networking conference. Participants from all around the Great Lakes focused on creating, managing, and maintaining networks, and worked together to assess the current status of their own networks. The event was a great success, with participants making comments such as “awesome,” “the passion of the group is recharging and provides enthusiasm for the next few months,” and “I learned lots of approaches to networking and met some great people.” GLAHNF Director Jill Ryan facilitated the two-day conference, held in Harbor Springs, Michigan, and commented that “this was a great group of people working to protect aquatic habitats across the Great Lakes Basin, and we all had a fantastic opportunity to learn more about networking from each other.”

Thank you to guests Julie Sibbing, Wetlands Legislative Representative for the National Wildlife Federation in Washington, D.C., Todd Ambs, Executive Director of the River Alliance of Wisconsin, Bob Olsgard of the Lake Superior Alliance, and Scott McEwen of Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council for their participation and shared wisdom. GLAHNF plans to offer seminars on other grassroots advocacy topics in the future.


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