Networking and Collaborating to Protect the Environment

Networking and Collaborating to Protect the Environment


by Kris MacCubbin

Earth Force Green (Global Rivers Environmental Education Network)

Earth Force Green has launched, a new, free website with interactive resources that helps educators and young people take action to improve their water resources. The site allows users to:

  • Enter, analyze, and share data they collect about their water resources such as rivers, streams, and lakes
  • Access and use interactive maps, calendars, guides, and resources
  • Download classroom activities that help students identify problems in their watershed, including steps to resolve those problems
  • Keep an ongoing “project log” to track progress made toward solving a selected watershed problem, and
  • Share pictures and stories of the students’ group in action

Local watershed organizations can partner with Earth Force GREEN to create customized web pages where they can track the progress of water monitors working with their program.

This Fall, GREEN will launch another water monitoring education and action tool called Protecting Our Watersheds. This educational package will include materials to engage students in recognizing problems in their watersheds and taking action to improve them. The package includes a facilitator’s guide, posters, activity notebook, handouts, a tote bag, and other materials.

Since the early 1980s, GREEN has provided the guides, equipment, and network of support for educators to help young people monitor, assess, and take action to improve their water resources. In 1999 GREEN became a program of Earth Force, a national organization working to give youth the skills and knowledge to turn their passion for the environment into lasting change in their communities. The site has been built with the generous funding of General Motors Corporation. Funding for the website was also provided by the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation.


Earth Force is youth for a change! Through Earth Force, young people create lasting solutions to environmental issues in their community. The creation of Earth Force in 1993 by The Pew Charitable Trust recognized two emerging national trends: young people’s overwhelming desire to act on behalf of the environment, and their desire to help their communities. You can learn more about Earth Force at



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