Finding Perspective Amidst the Chaos

Finding Perspective Amidst the Chaos

by Jill Ryan

Finding Perspective Amidst the Chaos

I have been attempting to find perspective in my daily routine. As I’m sure is the case with many of you, my day is filled with calls, e-mails, computers, writing, meetings, and other daily tasks and routines that can be all consuming in and of themselves. Sometimes this overload of communications can create an undue sense of urgency simply because of the sheer volume of responses required. At these times it can be difficult to put our other work (proposal writing, program development, campaign design, etc.) into perspective.

These are some methods I have found helpful in finding and maintaining this perspective: keep an organized calendar with your top priority events planned as far in advance as possible, create specific blocks of time that you devote only to making and answering all these communications, prioritize messages and communications so you know those that really are urgent, and don’t get pulled off task by others’ late messages.

Some folks are increasingly concerned that email, the Internet, and other communications are pulling them off task. I believe that insufficient time and communication management are the culprits, not the communications. We need to communicate; it is just becoming more and more important with each new technological method of staying in touch that we do so wisely and manage our time with respect for ourselves and others. Whether your communications are based largely around your job, your volunteer activities, or both, manage them in a way that works best for you to enhance information exchange, network with others, and minimize that sense of overload.



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