Volume 9, Number 5 • September-October 2001

Volume 9, Number 5 • September-October 2001

Great Lakes Aquatic Habitat News

The Newsletter of the Great Lakes
Aquatic Habitat Network and Fund

Volume 9, Number 5 • September-October 2001


Forming a Watershed Group: The Friends of Euclid Creek Story

Director’s Note

Grassroots Group Wages Legal Battle to Protect Special Wetlands

Lawsuit Victory Sets Important Precedent for State

Mercury From Army Base Poisons The Wisconsin River

Networking Success

Networking and Collaborating to Protect the Environment

Grassroots Profile: Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger

Ohio Update-GLAHNF Grantees Recognized for Work at Sheldon Marsh

 Illinois Update: Beach Health Center Opened by Lake Michigan Federation to Help Citizens Combat Health Risks from Bacterial Pollution

Chicagoans Cruise The Shoreline for Restoration Opportunities

Wisconsin Update

by Charlie Luthin, Wisconsin Wetlands Association

Teachers Develop Purple Loosestrife Bio-Control Curriculum

Wetlands in the City of Superior

State Budget—A Few Wins for the Environment

New York Update

by Maria Maybee, Great Lakes United

 Foam Floating on Canandaigua Lake

Sea Grant “Dream Team” Studying Lake Ontario Fisheries

Algae (Cladophora) Problem Along Lake Ontario

Up for Review: Ontario’s Wetland Protection Policy

Michigan Update

by Scott McEwen, Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council

River and Stream Cleanup Grants Sent Out Through Michigan River Network

Keep out the Tankers, Bring in the Water Bottlers

Protecting Rivers Through Tree Plantings

 Indiana Update

Progress Toward Controlling Combined Sewer Overflows

Northwest Meets Northeast

Minnesota Update

by Craig Minowa, Environmental Association for Great Lakes Education

 Migration Journey Spreads Great Lakes Issues Awareness: Anishinabe Claim to Find 12 Grave Sites on Spirit Mountain

Zapping Aliens With Concentrated Sunlight

Efforts to Approve New Harbor Continue

Aquatic Exotics Take Over 11 More Minnesota Lakes

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