A Sacred Journey To a Pepsi Machine

A Sacred Journey To a Pepsi Machine

In an attempt to fulfill prophecies, increase environmental awareness, and bring diverse communities together, a group of spiritual leaders from the Wisconsin Bad River Reservation will soon begin to retrace the original migration of the Anishinabe people. This two-and-a-half-month long walk began on July 21st at the mouth of the St. Lawrence Seaway and will continue along to the seven stopping places that are spoken about in the Anishinabe prophecies.

The sixth of the seven sacred stopping sites is in Duluth, Minnesota on Spirit Mountain. The walkers are expected here in late September, returning to this integral part of the Lake Superior Watershed and ancient site of vision quests and sky burials. It’s a good thing the journey is this year! If Duluth’s Mayor Doty is able to force the golf course development discussed above through, by this time next year it would cost each of these spiritual leaders $80 (the cost to golf) to visit their ancestor’s sacred grounds—amidst putting greens, upper class gents in plaid pants, and randomly placed Pepsi machines. To learn more, go to www.MigrationJourney.cjb.net.


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