State Water Programs are Suffering

State Water Programs are Suffering

Due to a lack of funding, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) is experiencing extreme difficulties keeping up with its workload, according to a recent staff survey. “Minnesota is doing dismally compared to the rest of the nation,’’ stated Lisa Thorvig, MPCA deputy commissioner. “Only 10 states have a worse backlog than Minnesota does, and it’s a very bad situation in our water program.’’

While state environmental agencies are struggling with scarce funding, shooting ranges across Minnesota are enjoying a boost in government funding. Grants totaling nearly $1 million will be awarded to shooting ranges from the Legislative Commission on Minnesota Resources this year alone. Chuck Niska, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources said, “Our goal with these improvements is to help provide more shooting range opportunity to the general public.” Environmentalists and concerned citizens question the prioritization of state funding allocation.


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