Spirit Mountain

Spirit Mountain

The City of Duluth continues to push for a new golf course and hotel in an Old Growth and diverse wetland area of Spirit Mountain despite polls showing strong citizen disapproval of the project. The project will impact Steward Creek, one of the area’s last thriving trout streams, which flows into the St. Louis River, Lake Superior’s largest tributary.

Three new resolutions that would stop this development were recently presented to the City Council, but Mayor Gary Doty has vowed to veto anything that would stand in the way of this project.

Recently, the biologist who did the original plant survey of the property stepped forward and admitted that the survey was anything but thorough, and that he feels there is an 80% chance that there are endangered or threatened species in the proposed location that would force the development to be halted. Local environmental groups are hoping to do a second and thorough plant survey of the area in July while the land is still public.


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