State of the Great Lakes: 2000 Annual Report
This publication of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality’s is now available. For a free copy, call 800-662-9278, or visit them at Other publications available include “Great Lakes Basin Statistics” for each Great Lake.

The Environmental Support Center
provides support to local organizations through training, leadership, funding, and other assistance. To learn more, visit their website at

Clean Water Network Status Report
This publication can help keep you abreast of federal water and wetland regulations and legislation. For a free copy, call 202-289-2395, or email them at

The Great Lakes Aquatic Habitat Directory 
Our new site is growing. Be sure to check out our new Making It Happen stories under “Helpful Tools” – and keep your eyes peeled for the release of the Directory of Great Lakes

A Prescription for Healthy Great Lakes: Report of the Program for Zero Discharge
This is a 64-page report put out by the National Wildlife Federation that documents progress in reducing toxic discharges into the Great Lakes and offers thorough recommendations for phasing out use of toxics. For info on how to obtain a copy, contact them at

Lake Michigan Federation
This website has lots of info about protecting, restoring, and preserving Lake Michigan. Visit them at

Explorations From an Aerial Perspective
Cornell University has published a set of materials entitled “Explorations From an Aerial Perspective”. With the use of inexpensive aerial photographs, organizations or individuals can get a unique view of their community from an aerial perspective. This technique can help see how areas have changed over time, discover the effect of land use practices on water quality in local streams and lakes, note the impact of development(s), and identify other local land use and environmental concerns. For more information, contact: Cornell University, Media & Technology Services Resource Center, 7 Cornell Business & Technology Park, Ithaca, NY 14850. Phone: 607-255-2080.


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