Feedlots and Fertilizer

Feedlots and Fertilizer

The Minnesota House and Senate committees are seriously considering changes in the state’s feedlot regulation program. The EPA has disclosed that they are not satisfied with current state programs. If the bills pass, there will be tighter regulations on a number of industry procedures, including air emission plans, rainfall measurement, and ownership transfer. Area environmentalists praise the bills’ potential to reduce negative effects of feedlots on Minnesota’s waterways.

In addition, the MN Department of Agriculture is successfully pushing its new bill to enact a phosphorus ban in lawn fertilizer application for the seven county Twin Cities metro area. The bill would only allow fertilizer applications that contain less than 3 percent phosphorous, and it has already passed both the Agriculture and Environmental Committees. The current 15 metro cities that already have phosphorus bans would be exempt from the ordinance language. Although there was an attempt to make the bill a statewide ordinance, it was withdrawn early on.


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