Volume 9, Number 2 • March-April 2001

Volume 9, Number 2 • March-April 2001

Collaboration of Conservation Efforts

Director’s Note: Collaborations… Creating Opportunities

 Great Lakes Water Export Update: New York Gov. Pataki Opposes Million Dollar Exemption

Illinois Update: Pressures on Great Lakes Continue

Indiana Update:

Partnering for Clean Water: The Grand Calumet River Lagoons Erosion Control Demonstration

Minnesota Update:

by Craig Minowa, EAGLE Coordinator

 Minnesota Lakes Groups Join Forces

Feedlots and Fertilizer

Sunken Log Recovery Program (from MN Lakes Association- MLA):

Spirit Mountain

Uncommon Restoration: A Joint Project on the North Shore of Lake Superior

Michigan Update

Great Lakes Shorelines and Wetlands Threatened by “Streamlined” Permit

New York Update

by Maria Maybee, Great Lakes United

Supreme Court Wetlands Ruling: The New York Effects

Ramifications of the SWANCC Decision

Western New York Land Conservancy Protects Aquatic Habitat

Wisconsin Update

Wetlands Crisis Felt as Wetlands are Filled

 Wetland Restoration Workshops for Landowners

Ontario Update

Will Smart Growth Save Ontario’s Aquatic Habitats?

Ohio Update

Dike 14 On the Cleveland Shoreline: A Critical Bird Migration Site

Edison Woods Preserved! A Boost to Green Space Preservation in Ohio

Web Resources


Ten Critical Factors to Consider About the Perrier Proposal in Michigan

Balancing Ecology and Economy Earns Montezuma Wetlands Complex Uncommonly Good Award

Victory For Isolated Wetlands Protection Secured! Unlikely Partnership Shapes Wetland Future in State

 Right-to-Know of Combined Sewer Overflows: Soon-to-be-Mandated in Indiana

Sewage in Our Streams

Illinois Update

by Joel Brammeier, Habitat Coordinator, Lake Michigan Federation

Swimming in Chicago Gets Off to a Rocky Start

Federation to Work with U.S. EPA to Implement Midwest Water Quality Standards

Indiana Update

by Sandra Wilmore

Legislators Appropriate $2 million for Private Lands Conservation, Clean Water Indiana

Indiana’s Lake Michigan Coastal Program

Minnesota Update

by Craig Minowa, EAGLE Coordinator

State Water Programs are Suffering

Watershed Based Powerline Protest

Lake Levels at Record Low

Another Estuary Threatened

Figures Don’t Add Up

Wisconsin Update

by Charlie Luthin, Wisconsin Wetlands Association

DNR Split Proposal Dead on Arrival

First Workshop On Wetland Restoration For Landowners Completed

New York Update: The Millennium Pipeline, Disrupting a Fragile Ecosystem

Ohio Update

by John Ritzenthaler, Audubon Ohio

Wetlands Workshop Coming

Sheldon Marsh State Nature Reserve Update

Ontario Update: Ontario Government Launches So-Called “Smart Growth” Initiative

Spring Funding Cycle Brings Record Number of Applicants



Environmental Groups Challenge Decision by Michigan DEQ Director to Allow Wetland Destruction


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