Asian Carp – Sign Our Petition and Send a Postcard to President Obama Today!

Asian Carp – Sign Our Petition and Send a Postcard to President Obama Today!

Our nation is at risk of losing two of its Great Waters in the same year. BP’s oil disaster in the Gulf is beyond devastating. And here in the Great Lakes we are on the brink of another devastating disaster as agencies squander precious time.

A live Asian carp has just been discovered on the Lake Michigan side of the electric barriers that were intended to be the last line of defense. These invasive fish risk destroying our way of life—threatening fishing, boating, native species, and our ability to use and enjoy the lakes.

Despite the threat, over the last several years the Army Corps of Engineers has been dragging their feet on a solution as the carp keep swimming toward our Lakes. We cannot afford to wait any longer to act—there is too much at stake. We must permanently separate the Great Lakes and Mississippi River ecosystems to prevent entry of the carp and other invasive species. If we fail to act now, the Great Lakes may never recover from this invasion.

Help us reach our goal of collecting 10,000 post cards by August 31st so we can hand deliver them to President Obama. If you received one of our post cards, please sign and return. Freshwater Future and our partner groups have mailed out over 60,000 post cards.

We are also gathering signatures on a petition to deliver with the post cards. Please send your families, friends, and colleagues to our website, to sign our petition.Thank you for taking action to make a difference and protect our Great Lakes!



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