Insight Services Grants Awarded to Two Groups

Insight Services Grants Awarded to Two Groups

Our Insight Services Grants provide assistance from Freshwater Future staff to fill organizational needs related to finances, fundraising, strategy, media and more.

The Western Lake Erie Waterkeeper Association focuses on protecting Maumee Bay. It has a growing membership and involvement in the West Lake Erie watershed and has been successful with an annual conference, canoe/kayaking outing, and advocating for the waters and fish. An Insight Services Grant of $1,500 was awarded to the group and will be used to develop a fundraising and membership plan with Freshwater Future staff assistance.

Citizens Against Racing Speedway is a grassroots community group actively engaging citizens to promote wildlife and aquatic protection. CARS has been working in the Stevensville, Ontario area to educate residents about a proposed development that would occupy over 800 acres. An Insight Services Grant of $2,100 will be used for Freshwater Future consulting services to assist in strategy development, create a membership program, and a financial tracking system.



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