Fundraising and Database Webinars Offered

Fundraising and Database Webinars Offered

Fundraising Primer, Wednesday, February 24, Noon Est

Databases For River And Watershed Groups, Wednesday, March 10, 3:00 Pm Est

Fundraising Primer
Do you know where your funding is coming from next year or the year after? Join experienced Freshwater Future staff to discuss ways to diversify your funding and continue to raise revenues for the important work you do. We’ll help you identify sources and teach you valuable strategies and systems. We’ll also help you begin to develop a short and long-term fundraising plan that will allow you to see your progress and keep you focused on what is working.

Databases for River and Watershed Groups
Would a new database help your organization? And would it be worth the pain of switching? Attend a webinar on databases for river and watershed groups with Baird Straughan, longtime River Rally trainer and now creator of the WaterGrass database.

We’ll cover both the gain and the pain.


  • What are the potential upsides for your organization of the new database products?
    • Could you realistically raise more money, given the number of members you have and your staff capacity?
    • Tracking volunteer hours
    • Trackable email communications
    • Integration with your website.
  • What would it require of you?
    • Price of various products
    • Training and time required to use them
    • Transfering existing data
  • How to decide if you’re ready for a new database.


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