Freshwater Future Spring 2010 Grants Available

Freshwater Future Spring 2010 Grants Available

The passion shown by residents in the Great Lakes region for their local resources is inspiring and represents an important part of the environmental movement. When you and your neighbors get involved you provide an important voice for water resource protection where the majority of land use decisions are made� at the local level. Realizing the importance of grassroots involvement, Freshwater Future provides financial assistance through our grants program to grassroots projects working to protect inland lakes, rivers, and wetlands. Organizations must be a member of Freshwater Future to be eligible for our grants program.

Our priority funding areas include:

  • Projects to protect and restore wetlands
  • Land use planning and zoning
  • Watershed planning Development, implementation and enforcement of local, state, provincial and federal habitat protection regulations
  • Restoration activities

Deadline: March 31, 2010. Go to www. for more information and to apply.



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