Get Ready — New Funding To Help You Protect Water Resources Is Coming Soon!

Get Ready — New Funding To Help You Protect Water Resources Is Coming Soon!

As you have probably heard by now, this past May the Obama administration announced a new $475 million Great Lakes Restoration Initiative to stop invasive species from entering the lakes, clean up beaches, remove toxic pollution and restore fish and wildlife habitat. Of that, $250 million would go directly to project work and grant making. While it is not yet a done deal in Congress (as of the time of printing), “It looks about as good as it can,” stated James Schardt with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Great Lakes National Program Office. “Because of that, we are soliciting proposals this August and September so we can get a head start on funding good projects immediately when the funding becomes available this next fiscal year, starting October 1st,” James also added ,“Now is the time to call us for input about project ideas too. Once the Request for Proposals goes out, we can no longer offer individual help.”

So, in a nutshell, now is the time to start developing your project ideas. Below is a small sampling of funding opportunities for community based groups and others. To see the full list of funding opportunities, check out glri/fundingguide2009_r2.pdf

Pollution Prevention and Toxics Reduction: The USEPA expects to provide up to approximately $7.2 million through grants and cooperative agreements for pollution prevention and toxics reductions. Projects would reduce toxic contaminants from entering the Great Lakes ecosystem, provide sustainable ongoing collection programs throughout the Great lakes basin, and improved knowledge and practices of Great Lakes citizens regarding environmentally safe recycling of various waste categories. No matching funds are required. For more information, contact Edwin Smith at 312- 353-6571/smith.ed Request for Proposals will be posted to: http://epa. gov/greatlakes/fund/current.html.

Invasive Species Prevention and Control: The USEPA and DOI-USFWS are offering up approximately $8.8 million to fund projects that will prevent, control and eradicate invasive species aleady present in the Great Lakes basin addressed through one or more control technologies, reducing spread via canals and waterways, addressing live organisms in commerce, and/or promoting safe recreation and resource use. No matching is required. For more information, contact James Schardt at 312-353-5085/ Request for Proposals will be posted to: greatlakes/fund/current.html.

Soil Erosion and Sediment Control: The Great Lakes Basin Program for Soil Erosion and Sediment Control expects to provide up to approximately $4.5 million in grants to local government and nonprofit organizations to control erosion and sedimentation and to limit the input of associated nutrients and toxic contaminants to the Great lakes. The program requires a minimum nonfederal match of 25% of total project costs. For more information, contact Gary Overmier at 734-971-9135 ext.106/ Requests for proposals will be posted to basin/funding.html.

Fish and Wildlife Restoration: The USFWS will award up to approximately $6.9 million in grants or project agreements for projects to restore fish and wildlife resources and their habitats in the Great Lakes Basin and provide assistance to Great Lakes fish and wildlife agencies to encourage cooperative conservation, restoration, and management. A 25% nonfederal match is required.



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