Director’s Notes: Preserving Your Resources

Director’s Notes: Preserving Your Resources

Jill Ryan, Executive Director

Have you ever been frustrated by customer service at a grocery store or a hotel and spent a lot of your time telling the clerk or bag boy how upset you were? While this tactic may have helped you feel better, it is not likely that it changed anything in terms of the company and their customer service. After the fact you may have questioned whether your time was well spent.

Similarly, you may spend a good deal of time telling your issue story to everyone you meet, with the hopes that they can help you solve the problem. Unfortunately this strategy seldom gets your story to the appropriate decision maker and often zaps your group of the energy necessary to get that story to the right place.

In this issue you’ll read stories about organizations that prioritized how they spent their precious volunteer resource of time and effectively worked to solve their issue. You too can ensure the best use of time and other resources with a strategy plan for your issue. If you need help with such a plan, give us a call and we can talk about how our services can assist you.



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