Too Much to Do to Figure Out How to Update Your Website?

Too Much to Do to Figure Out How to Update Your Website?

Your website does what you don’t have time to do—it communicates your message and promotes your mission 24 hours a day to supporters and potential donors. Even while you’re sleeping, your site is making first and lasting impressions that are crucial to the success of your work.

We understand this. We know how important it is that your site is always current and easy to navigate, and provides the right information to make visitors pick up the phone to ask how to donate or get more involved. Over the past few years, we’ve realized that affordably building an online presence is a common challenge for many of you.

Now, we’re ready to offer solutions. Freshwater Future has the expertise to help you transfer your entire website to an easier-touse, better functioning, and cheaper host site, all while keeping the name and keeping you in control. You’ll be able to add your own content and pictures, pages and features whenever and wherever you like with your new site’s editing template. As you learn how to edit and update your site, we’ll provide phone support and expertise.

If you would rather spend time on your mission and would like us to handle your updates for you we can do that too. If you have new content, a new press release or article you’ve found, or have a new event planned, we’ll make these updates for you quickly. We’ll also review your site and recommend any changes to improve navigation, content and layout. We’ll do everthing we can to make sure your website is doing its job building your capacity; that your site is helping your cause.

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