Stradegy Assistance available Beginning, Middle or End—We Can Help

Stradegy Assistance available Beginning, Middle or End—We Can Help

The saying goes, “Hindsight is 20-20.” Well, isn’t that the truth. When we are wrapped up in a project trying to protect our beloved lake, river, or wetland, it can be challenging to see some of the opportunities that might help bring us success.

Freshwater Future’s coaching services can help you assess where you are in a project, issue, or campaign and identify the best strategy to move forward. Following is an example of using this assistance.

Carol Drake worries that her place of refuge and a public park, Jean Klock Park, will soon be a high-priced golf course accessible only to those who can afford it.

When the construction of three golf holes in the park began, Friends of Jean Klock Park were faced with redirecting the focus of their fight. “Our hearts dropped as we witnessed the beautiful dunes and other natural resources of the park being stripped of their vegetation to make room for golf turf.

In spite of what had happened we knew that our work was not done. We needed inspiration and new ideas, and turned to Freshwater Future. Thanks to their strong support and helpful expertise, we were able to identify additional steps we could take to effectively move forward” shared Carol Drake.

Friends of Jean Klock Park have initiated a letter writing campaign to the new Secretary of Interior, Ken Salazar, to request that he review and rescind the former Secretary’s tragic and unjust approval to convert the dunes and other globally rare natural resources of Jean Klock Park’s public land. You can help by sending a letter too! Visit the Friends of Jean Klock Park’s website for more information http://www.savejeanklockpark. org.



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