Director’s Notes: This IS the Time to Connect With Your Members!

Director’s Notes: This IS the Time to Connect With Your Members!

Jill Ryan, Executive Director

After hearing too many negative economic headlines in the news you may feel timid about approaching your members for dues and contributions. While we are all feeling the impacts of the downturn in one way or another, more than 90% of us still have jobs and are grateful for them! And many of us also feel the responsibility and desire to give back a portion of our good fortune. I know my personal contributions to charities have grown during this crisis and I bet others are in the same position.

What I think is important is to let your members and current donors know how important their support is to your work. This is not the time to let that relationship lapse because you feel they might not want to give. Let them make that decision!

During difficult economic times, when foundations see their portfolios falling and therefore their giving budgets declining and when corporations are having difficulty keeping employees, these are not the best avenues for raising new supporters. However, your current members and donors give because they believe in what you do and want to participate. If you describe your current need and let them know that their support is most important now, I believe those that can give will do so.

“Think of giving not as a duty but as a privilege.”

– John D. Rockefeller Jr.


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