We Did It! Now it’s Time to Get to Work!

We Did It! Now it’s Time to Get to Work!

With over a decade of research, outreach, and negotiations, painstakingly making its way through eight state legislatures and congress, the Great Lakes Basin Water Resources Compact became law on December 8, 2008. This historic pact will safeguard the largest fresh surface water system on earth—Lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario and their connecting channels—from far off diversions and damage from overuse.

“These protections were possible in large part due to the outpouring of support from thousands of citizens across the region who spoke out.” stated Cheryl Mendoza, Regional Policy and Network Advisor for Freshwater Future.

Now begins the implementation phase of the Compact in each of the eight Great Lakes states, where environmental agencies and legislatures will make sure the requirements of the Compact are being met. “This will be a chance for people to again get engaged and push for the strongest laws possible for our Great Lakes,” states Cheryl Mendoza.

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