Volunteer Help Needed to Monitor Vernal Pools

Volunteer Help Needed to Monitor Vernal Pools

The Ohio Environmental Council (OEC) is looking for volunteers, both individual and groups, around Lake Erie and beyond to help their Vernal Pool Monitoring Program.

Vernal pools are wetlands that fill up annually but typically dry out during the summer. These usually small, but very dynamic, wetlands fill with water, blossom with life and host a cacophony of sounds and a plethora of life forms every spring, only to disappear into the forest floor every autumn.

The OEC has developed the first, statewide, on-line vernal pool database to help with conservation of these delicate ecosystems. “Ultimately, we would like to work with local planning officials to protect these areas,” stated David R. Celebrezze, Director of Air & Water Special Projects with the OEC. Additionally, by providing the resources for watershed residents to document the vernal pools in their area, the OEC hopes to raise local awareness of these wetlands, provide opportunities for local groups to build membership by organizing volunteers around fun events in the field, gather information for better natural resource protection, and build a forum for exchanging ideas and experiences on vernal pools around Ohio.

For more information on how you can get involved, contact David R. Celebrezze, Director of Air & Water Special Projects, The Ohio Environmental Council at david@theOEC.org.



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