Advocate Mentor Update : We Are All Teachers and Students

Advocate Mentor Update : We Are All Teachers and Students

“Mentor: Someone who’s hindsight can become your foresight”.

For many of us, being a leader of a grass roots community group wasn’t a planned activity. Helping to protect your community’s resources probably isn’t your day job but a volunteer activity. And although you are already busy with a hundred million different things, you knew that getting involved was the only way to make a difference. This scenario is typical of many of the individuals that make up the Freshwater Future network.

Recognizing that within Freshwater Future’s network is a wealth of experience and knowledge, Freshwater Future launched our Advocate Mentor program this past spring linking grantees with an experienced citizen advocate. We envision a community of grassroots advocates who are linked together in meaningful ways to enhance their individual efforts and create a stronger collective voice for grassroots advocates. The response to the program so far has been extremely positive. This fall we will be matching our fall grantees with mentors and that is where you come in. As citizens involved in helping protect the spectacular resources that make up the Great Lakes, we can share our experience with others, and benefit by giving of our time as well as learning from each other. If you are interested in participating in the program as a mentor, please let us know. Contact Ben at (231) 348-8200 or



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