Walk, Paddle and Roll Your Way to Helping Our Great Lakes Community and Your Local Efforts

Walk, Paddle and Roll Your Way to Helping Our Great Lakes Community and Your Local Efforts

Freshwater Future believes that individuals can and do make a difference. Our grants program has provided over $1 million in funds for nearly 600 projects in Great Lakes communities.

We believe our grants program is vital to helping groups like yours make a difference. However, we are not a typical foundation that has a large benefactor and guaranteed funding to give out every year. Rather, we are constantly seeking funds from various sources so we can help support efforts like yours. We need your help by giving back to our grants and other support programs— and we made it simple. Your participation in Freshwater Future’s Walk, Paddle and Roll fundraising event will help ensure groups and individuals like you will get the help they need to protect their local resources.

In keeping with our mission to help people protect the Great Lakes, this fundraising event is also an opportunity for your group to raise funds to support your efforts. As an added bonus, the Walk, Paddle and Roll is a great way to engage people with your group and grow your membership and donor base.

What is the Walk, Paddle and Roll? This fundraising event consists of a five mile walk, kayak, and/or 10 mile bike ride. You may choose to do any one or all three. Funds are raised by participants who either pay an entrance fee or collect pledges. Walk, Paddle and Roll participants that raise funds average $700 per participant through pledges using a combination of pledge forms and online marketing tools.

What Your Group Will Get

• Contribution toward other projects that will protect and restore our Great Lakes ecology.

• Half of the net proceeds from the event to support your efforts protecting and restoring resources in your community. As a bonus, if your group is one of the top three annual Walk, Paddle and Roll fundraisers, you will receive 75%, 65%, and 60% respectively for the top three spots, rather than 50%.

• An opportunity to engage new members of your community in your group’s efforts— thus growing your membership and donor base to support your efforts.

• Broader publicity for your organization and causes through the website and regional promotions.

This is a great way to raise money for your organization, build community support, and give back to all of the groups benefitting from Freshwater Future’s programs.

To learn more about the Walk, Paddle, and Roll visit our website, www.freshwaterfuture. org or call us at (231) 348-8200.



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